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Spotlight North: Two hundred years of the potato in Sa Pobla - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

It is odd to realise that once upon a time Sa Pobla was considered to be “agriculturally poor”. This was largely due to the fact that, as observed in the sixteenth centuryreopening_plans, it was the “poorest” village in terms of water. There were fewer than ten wells, and so aid to cultivation was limited.

There was plenty of water sloshing around in Albufera, but it wasn’t fit for anything much. The one-time cultivation of rice by the Muslims had long been abandonedThe virus back to their cities and villages in other parts o. The Catalan Christians felt this was unhygienic, while the wetlands were in any event a breeding ground for disease.

Hygiene was to be an issue some centuries later, and it concerned a vegetable grown in the soil. The potato was to transform Sa Pobla’s agriculture, as indeed were new sources of water, and yet much as we associate Sa Pobla with potatoesStudents from grades 10 to 12 were allowed to return to class Monday — most fo, it was only some one hundred years ago that the breakthrough truly occurred. The Royal Kidney, the International Kidney, the Jersey Royal – all names for one type of potato, and it was 1924 when it debuted in Sa Pobla and led to a massive increase in export.

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