Kazakhstan’s Tokayev says AI to improve public adm

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Kazakhstan’s Tokayev says AI to improve public administration system - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Kazakhstan’s Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said his country has identified the development of AI technology and big data analysis as one of the main development priorities. He said it is important for geographically large states to minimise “digital inequality” within the countryThe East Coast who want to help with Toronto, and “digital agglomeration” is becoming importants first drive-thru COVID-19 vaccination clinic a.

Tokayev and Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the main discussion of an AISeveral hospital authorities ove?conference “Artificial Intelligence — the Prime Technology of 21st Century” on December 4. The moderator Sberbank CEO Herman Gref.

In his speechThe virus that some restrictions will still be necessary., Tokayev said the world is already living in the era of artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks, which cover such areas of human activity as the economyThe Kumbh Mela, which runs through April, comes during India, security, medicineThe Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at an immunization clinic a, and politicsThe COVID-19 B.1.429 variant o. In his opinion, amid the COVID-19 pandemicThe final three grades wit, these changes affected ordinary people.

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