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On March 30, the 2014 annual marketing conference and new product launch of jushidu smart home was held in Foshan. As one of the cooperative media, the home hotline participated in the event and interviewed some excellent dealer representatives of jushidu on relevant issues

home hotline: Hello, president Zhu! First of all, congratulations on your winning the 90th national championship in 2013. Then, please express your feelings at this moment

president Zhu: it can be said that we are really excited now. After a year of hard work, we don't know where we can really rank. We all don't know the ranking. We operate our own brands and stores carefully, do our work every day, and provide our due service to every customer. This is what we are doing over time. Finally, we don't know whether we have won the championship until now. Thank you

jiushidu 2013 national sales champion, Zhejiang Jinhua dealer Zhu Zong

home hotline: what coincidence made you choose jiushidu

President Zhu: This is a coincidence. On November 21st, 2007, I stayed in Guangzhou Lingnan New World. My roommate also came to Guangzhou to choose the brand of wardrobe and cabinet. Coincidentally, Mr. Sun, who lives in the same hotel with me, came to me and said, Mr. Zhu, if you have an idea, you can go to see Hong Kong's 90 degrees. Its products are speechless, but its current brand recognition is zero. If you have the courage, charm and courage to make this brand, you can have a look. I got up at six o'clock the next morning and arrived at the old factory of jiushidu at 10:50. After Mr. Zhuo received me, Mr. Chen took me to the direct store of jiushidu - Daliang store to see the products. After reading the product, I was really moved. For me, the brand needs our dealers to do it seriously and carefully. The brand of any market is the brand of each dealer in each market, not the brand of the factory. Our dealers can do it well only by working hard. I am very grateful to Mr. Sun in Huai'an District of jiushidu. Without him and jiushidu, I would not be successful now

home hotline: after cooperating with 90 degrees for so long, what new understanding do you have about 90 degrees

president Zhu: let's put it this way. When choosing 90 degrees, the first thing is to look at the personality of President Zhuo. A boss who won't cheat the dealer is our greatest guarantee as a dealer. After so many years, many small problems are inevitable, and occasionally they will make us very uncomfortable. However, when we went through that journey, we will find that such an enterprise has been very attentive to the dealers, and we are also very happy. In this process, what we really get is mutual understanding, trust and gratitude

home hotline: if you can achieve such good results, naturally there are many successful experiences worth sharing. Tell us briefly

president Zhu: no matter what you do, any brand, you need to carefully manage your personality. When we were doing evolution 90 degrees, the brand awareness was zero at that time, and the advertising language was developed and made by our Jinhua store. Then, we can only make ourselves bigger and stronger in the local market, and can't rely on others. When you are a fragile brand and have no local popularity, others may not come to help you. With our efforts and hard work, we have done it for two years. We can say that we are the leading brand in Jinhua. As long as we apply for 90 degrees, we will give a thumbs up and let every customer and friend in the building materials industry recognize it. This is our biggest gain! Friends from all walks of life can give us support, pass information and promote 90 degrees to each other, which is also our greatest gain! Thank you

home hotline: 90 degrees has always been doing smart home, so what do you think of the future development prospect of smart home

president Zhu: smart home, smart system, this is a new concept and new model, which is more suitable for the post-80s and post-90s, because now the whole industry, the whole market and even the world are taking the route of intelligent system. Jiushidu is the first brand developed in our smart wardrobe industry, for which I am very happy. It's also an honor for me to choose it. Our customers can hold their mobile phones in our showroom and turn on the lights, air conditioners, curtains, and even stereos in our store, so that every customer can feel a different and fresh way of life experience, especially the post-80s and post-90s. They need a simple and convenient lifestyle: sleeping in bed can automatically turn on the air conditioner, and turning on the air conditioner at home in the office. This is what everyone is pursuing and what they need! Thank you

home hotline: finally, please send a few wishes for the future development of 90 degrees

president Zhu: with so many dealers, so many multimedia friends, and the support of friends from all walks of life, I think jiushidu will definitely become a unique branch in the industry in the near future. Thank you





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