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The word "crossing" has long been not strange. From the performance of "love through time and space" to "Gong Suoxin jade" and "step by step startling", which were starred by Yang Mi and Liu Shishi not long ago, the accompanying novels and games of "crossing" are constantly staged around us

the magical journey of karoya wardrobe staff will take you through ancient times, take you to appreciate different customs, and bring more new styles to your life

return to the Jurassic of the demon Kingdom and enjoy the ancient castle and hot spring happy city. The Chimelong trip in early October has just passed, and another round of happy time has come to karoya. From October 18 to 19, 2014, the second batch of employees of karoya marketing center came to Fogang, Qingyuan, and began a wonderful journey through time and space

"Paula" is translated from Sanskrit, meaning "a very magical and desirable place", so "senpaula" is interpreted as "a very magical and desirable place in the forest where unforgettable experiences are born". Walking into the wonderful world of senbora, you will see the towering sheep horn totem, the castle gate with broken bridges and walls, the once disappeared underwater forest, the spinulose Canyon in the Jurassic period, the wonderful and colorful wetland islands, the indigenous tribes of ancient forests, and the Quaternary volcanic glacier sites... It seems that you have witnessed the interpretation of the earth, the changes of forests, and the harmony of mountains and rivers

as soon as we entered the wonderful world of senbora, we couldn't wait to go straight to the magic realm Jurassic, because there was a real version of Jurassic Park: in the dense Alsophila rainforest, more than 20 different forms of simulated dinosaurs were hidden, as if we were going back to the ancient Jurassic era. These dinosaurs use high-tech silicone skin material, which is highly similar to the texture of biological skin. In addition to making frightening noises, their necks, heads, eyes, mouths and tails can move freely, which makes us unable to help but touch and appreciate the magnificent style of the simulated dinosaurs from zero distance, and take photos to record this wonderful moment

leaving the Jurassic of the demon realm, we followed the thrilling ancient path of savages holding spears or bows from time to time, and came to the Grand View Garden of ancient culture in Guangdong - senbora mountain fastness. Through the primitive bamboo and wood memorial archway, it seems to have entered an era of slash and burn cultivation. The mysterious senbora tribe lives here, with maoliao bamboo cottages, green vegetable gardens, singing drums and moving love songs. After tranquility, we went deep into senbola Wei Town and found that there was a unique cave here, which was bustling. The wooden totem of the sacrificial platform was towering, and the sound of wooden drums was shocking. Ancient athletics and happy dance led us to participate in it; In the forest theater, China's first forest Myth theme show, "the legend of senbora", is being staged. It skillfully combines traditional songs and dances, acrobatics, magic, and musicals after improvement, presenting a wonderful legend of primitive forest tribes, so that in the infinite charm of ancient culture, we can completely forget the trouble of busy work and life

along the senbora lake, we came to the castle happy city, where 18 kinds of large-scale motor games, such as romantic and warm dream flying chair, mysterious and fantastic adventure castle, thrilling and exciting self-control aircraft, dreamy and comfortable Ferris wheel, happy bumper car, took us through happy time and space, and experienced thrilling, soul out of body like excitement. Especially in the mysterious and fantastic adventure castle, in addition to the internal terrorist link settings, there are also colleagues who are playing with great interest, joking with each other and causing screams; There is also a warm and romantic dream flying chair, which has a panoramic view of the lake light of senbora's wonderful world

after the wonderful trip of senbora, we returned to the Julong Bay natural hot spring resort where we stayed, tasted Qingyuan Fogang special dishes, and enjoyed the comfortable Julong Bay hot spring. A day's fun consumed a lot of physical strength. Yihong hot spring is the best way to relieve physical and mental fatigue at this time. The spring water is rich in minerals and trace elements needed by the human body and has a variety of recuperation effects. In this dense moisture transpiration, the water temperature slowly seeps into the skin, like being in a paradise, feeling the relaxed pleasure of body, heart and God

the travel of the second batch of employees of karoya marketing center ended happily and comfortably. The good times always passed quickly, but the good memories will remain in our hearts. In fact, life is also a wonderful journey. We never know what is waiting ahead, but this will not hinder our pace of progress. The future full of infinite possibilities will make us more brave to go forward and explore the unknown world

the unknown world is vast. Through this trip, every employee's heart is full of infinite hope for the future, United and cohesive, and constantly strive to create a better karoya




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