Make proper use of Feng Shui to buy houses and dec

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Make proper use of Feng Shui to buy houses and decorate

health requirements in house purchasing

when buying real estate, people should not only understand the price, geography, transportation and other factors of the house, but also fully consider the impact of the house on human health, such as the orientation, location and surrounding environment of the house. China is located in the northern hemisphere, so Chinese people have always liked to sit facing south when buying houses. In this way, not only the lighting conditions of houses are good, warm and comfortable, but also the sunlight radiation can sterilize and disinfect, which is conducive to indoor sanitation and prevention of calcium deficiency and osteoporosis. Especially for those with elderly or children at home, the southeast direction is the best

in recent years, people love hydrophilic houses very much. In fact, the ancients have long had the habit of living by water, because the water surface can increase the humidity and negative oxygen ion concentration in the surrounding environment, clean the air, reduce the dust floating in the atmosphere, absorb the heat of the ground, adjust the environmental temperature, which is conducive to human health

on the contrary, houses too close to high-voltage wires, large substations, powerful transmitting antennas, high brightness floodlight buildings are easy to cause people's emotional irritability, insomnia and other abnormalities due to the influence and interference of various radiation, electromagnetic fields, and light pollution. However, houses located near fast traffic arteries and elevated roads are often exposed to a lot of noise, exhaust gas and other stimuli, which are detrimental to human health, so such buildings are not suitable for residential use

in addition, if there are elderly people, children, weak people and patients with chronic diseases at home, it is not suitable to buy houses at the entrance of the street or at the prominent part of the whole building, because such houses are exposed and unobstructed, and are greatly affected by external climate changes, such as rain and cold wind, winter or night, the indoor temperature is much lower than other parts of the houses, and in summer, the indoor temperature is particularly hot, It greatly increases the possibility of body disease

health requirements in decoration

house decoration should not only reflect beauty and beauty, but also ensure the comfort and health of the residence. According to the traditional Chinese "Feng Shui" theory, the position of doors and windows is very important, because they are the "orifices" and channels for the ventilation between the house and the outside world. It can not only block and reduce the adverse stimulation of the outside world, but also excrete the indoor pollution and turbidity, It plays a role in maintaining the relative stability of living space

therefore, the door should not be opened much in the first place during interior decoration; Secondly, the door cannot be in the same straight line between the doors, so as to avoid the fluctuation of room temperature caused by too fast and too large air flow. This is the famous theory of "hiding wind and gathering water" in "Feng Shui"

traditional Chinese medicine believes that "wind is the root of all diseases". Wind energy dissipates people's energy, weakens Wei Qi, and causes disorders in body temperature regulation. In order to keep the indoor air circulation fresh and protect the body by hiding the wind, it is generally possible to set up a "porch" screen at the door or cross the doors and windows to form the so-called "winding path leading to seclusion" trend, so as to slow down the wind speed and wind force

according to the "Feng Shui" theory, the toilet (toilet) is a dirty and humid place, which cannot be directly opposite the door and in the position of the air outlet. Even now it seems that it is very in line with the requirements of environmental sanitation. However, in order to be comfortable and comfortable, modern people often choose some houses with multiple sets of sanitary facilities when buying houses, especially one of which is mostly connected to the master bedroom. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the decoration. In addition to the fact that the door of the bathroom should not be directly facing the bedroom and has good sealing performance, and must be kept a large distance from the bed, the bathroom should also be equipped with a special air and water drainage device, Ultraviolet ray disinfects the lamps to keep the bathroom dry and clean

large mirrors should not be placed indoors, especially in bedrooms, because the refraction stimulation of strong light is easy to affect people's sympathetic nerves, so that thinking cannot be concentrated for a long time. And there are too many glass windows around, and the sense of transparency is too strong, which can make people's mood difficult to be calm and lack a sense of security. Therefore, the choice of curtain texture and thickness seems to be a small thing, but in fact, it is directly related to people's physical and mental health

if there are lamps and decorations on the top of the bed, it will cause adult emotional tension, give people a sense of oppression, and hinder people's normal sleep, so it must be removed as much as possible. The beds of the elderly and children should not be placed against the wall, because the wall, especially the wall close to the outside, is a good radiator. If you don't pay attention to sleeping against the wall at night, it is easy to cause the temperature of adults to drop and induce diseases

modern urban buildings are characterized by dense high-rise buildings, most of which are cast from reinforced concrete. Coupled with the use of a large number of electrical facilities, indoor static electricity accumulates and is inadvertently released. Therefore, putting a fish tank or a basin of aquatic plants in the living room and study can help to increase the humidity and conductivity of the houses, eliminate and release static electricity





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