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Among many decoration styles, Xiaobian has a special preference for the mix and match style. The mix and match style has the simplicity of modern simplicity and the charm of American style. The decoration effect combined is very suitable for young people. I don't know how many people like mix and match like Xiaobian? Today, Wuhan Decoration Xiaobian also specially brought the poly qingneng West Coast mixed style decoration case map, and those who like it can come to know

community: poly qingneng West Coast

house type: two bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: mixed style

decoration method: all inclusive

decoration amount: 50000-100000

decoration design: the overall smooth lines, dominated by simple style elements, make the color and space light, publicize the breath of art and fashion, feel comfortable at any time, combined with the unique charm of American style, Take you to experience a different hybrid dream journey

[poly qingneng West Coast mixed style decoration case map]

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