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In recent years, the state has comprehensively promoted new building energy-saving technologies. A series of favorable policies, such as the recently issued medium and long term special plan for energy conservation, stipulate that by 2020, new urban buildings will achieve energy conservation of 65%, and existing buildings will gradually implement energy-saving transformation. Polyurethane rigid foam is recognized as the best building exterior wall insulation material in the world at present, with simple construction, high cost performance and superior insulation performance. It has the lowest thermal conductivity among the current organic and inorganic insulation materials, and can withstand various loads such as wind and impact under a wide temperature range and high temperature conditions

polyurethane training center is an organization under China Polyurethane Industry Association, which is fully responsible for the training of various professional contents in the industry. It has successfully held more than 30 sessions of analysis and testing of polyurethane foam, polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane adhesive, waterborne polyurethane, polyurethane raw materials and products. The motor system driven by frequency converter has received more and more training on utilization topics because of its obvious energy-saving effect, convenient conditioning, simple protection, networking and other advantages. The lecturers are front-line experts in the industry and professors from colleges and universities. Over the past 20 years, it has trained thousands of scientific research, production and management personnel for enterprises and institutions in the industry. It is the best learning and exchange platform for enterprises and institutions

at present, the production process of polyurethane exterior wall insulation material is mainly divided into three forms: composite plate, spraying and decoration integration. In order to enable enterprises and institutions to better grasp the opportunity and comply with the national medium - and long-term plan for external wall insulation, the polyurethane training center is scheduled to hold the 32nd polyurethane external wall insulation production process workshop in October 2014. The latest technology, formula, production process and application prospect of rigid polyurethane foam external wall insulation are taught by well-known domestic manufacturers and professors. Through learning, students can master the production technology of polyurethane exterior wall insulation and the production technology of B1 grade polyurethane plate. All units and individuals are welcome to sign up

the learning contents mainly include: the production process and technical formula of rigid polyurethane composite board, the production process and construction method of rigid polyurethane on-site spraying, the production process and application of polyurethane decorative integrated composite board, which supported the world in the Netherlands. Last year alone, more than 60million building blocks were produced in different fields, and the use of polyurethane exterior wall insulation materials and equipment

students who have completed their studies and passed the examination will obtain a completion certificate

the arrangement is as follows:

I. study time: October 20-23, 2014 (from 20 to)

II. Study place: Nanjing population International Training Center, No. 12, suojin village, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

III. study cost: 2300 yuan/person (including training fee and material fee); During the course of the course, the accommodation and board will be arranged uniformly, and the expenses will be borne by yourself. Contact: (025) (also fax)

contact: Linxia, zhangjihong, chenshuangfei e-mail:puinj@

polyurethane training center of China Polyurethane Industry Association

July 2014

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