The 46th China Shenzhen International Real Estate

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The 46th China (Shenzhen) International Real Estate Expo

the 46th China (Shenzhen) International Real Estate Expo

April 23, 2019

exhibition information

exhibition time: to

host country (region): China

exhibition hall: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

exhibition area: the whole region

sponsors: Guangdong Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, Guangdong Provincial Department of natural resources, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of planning and natural resources Co organizer of Shenzhen land and real estate trading center: 283 municipal governments, departments in charge of land, planning, housing and urban and rural construction; China Real Estate Association, Guangdong Real Estate Association China Construction Industry Association

region: Guangdong Shenzhen

exhibition introduction

the 46th China (Shenzhen) International Real Estate Expo

and 2019 new project of Chinese real estate developers. The four ball friction tester also has the following expanded functions purchase conference

china (Shenzhen) International Real Estate Expo the 46 th and China real estate developer 'new project purchasing reference in 2019

time: August, 2019

location: China · Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center +

the 46th China (Shenzhen) International Real Estate Expo and the 14th China (Shenzhen) urban land exhibition, serving the governments and institutions of 21 provinces, 3 municipalities directly under the central government, 203 cities and counties and 283 cities in China, It has successfully connected with more than 10000 real estate developers nationwide. It is the largest brand event in the real estate industry in China and even in the world. It has the reputation of "the first exhibition of China's real estate" and "the first exhibition of China's land"

review of previous sessions

"China's first real estate exhibition" -- the 45th China (Shenzhen) International Real Estate Expo ranks first among similar exhibitions in China, covering the whole upstream and downstream industrial chain of real estate. It received: national leaders, leaders of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, more than 130 mayors, more than 500 leaders of land, planning and investment promotion departments, and 283 municipal governments, land, planning The competent department of housing and urban rural development organized a group to participate in the exhibition, visit and purchase. More than 5000 well-known real estate developers, more than 8000 investment institutions that research and develop biodegradable bio based high molecular materials to replace petroleum based high molecular materials have urgent practical significance, more than 3200 overseas purchasers, 2000 cities/counties in China, dealers, agents and other professional visitors visited and purchased on site. The exhibition lasted three days and received more than 128000 professional visitors, More than 90% of the exhibitors have booked the 2019 booth on site

exhibition contents

● government exhibition area:

various urban housing and urban rural development bureaus, land and resources bureaus, housing administration bureaus, planning bureaus, and other housing leasing related departments and their subordinate institutions; Housing lease transaction service platform contractors and housing lease system and mechanism, policies and regulations, planning plan, practice process, case results display, etc.

● brand exhibition area:

domestic and foreign real estate developers, financial institutions, operation mode service providers, it system service providers, information service providers, engineering service providers, marketing service providers, property management companies, property management system service providers, technical service providers Intelligent equipment service providers, logistics service providers, housekeeping service providers, business district service providers, industry associations, scientific research institutions, etc.

● cultural tourism real estate service exhibition area:

cultural tourism real estate, comprehensive development of Pan cultural tourism projects, global tourism and industrial development, Rural Revitalization and rural tourism, leisure agriculture and pastoral complexes, characteristic towns and tourist blocks, theme parks and cultural parks, health and vacation, health and pension Featured architecture and landscape design, planning and creation of scenic spots/resorts, tourism operation and management consulting, tourism brand planning and marketing agency, theme parks, performing arts theaters, tourist attractions (theme culture, theme creativity, theme design, stage effect products, achievement display), etc.

● urban renewal exhibition area:

brand enterprises interested in contributing to urban renewal, including real estate developers, head financing institutions, consulting companies Evaluation institutions, legal institutions, industry associations, other service institutions, etc., display the brand strength of the enterprise, cases and experience of participating in urban renewal/old transformation, contribution to urban renewal and the role of urban renewal on enterprise development

● new real estate project procurement conference and supplier exhibition area:

※ architectural design:

architectural design, planning, landscape, interior design institutions and service institutions, excellent architectural design cases at home and abroad, etc

※ prefabricated building exhibition area:

government excellent project exhibition area, national prefabricated building industry base leading enterprise, BIM, prefabricated building design, manufacturing construction, steel structure system, concrete structure system, modern wood structure system, industrialization integration technology, manufacturing technology, construction technology (new building formwork and scaffold), green construction technology and classic case display; Finished residential component integrated demonstration house, industrialized integrated residential demonstration house, prefabricated building demonstration project, industrialized production and manufacturing equipment, prefabricated building component components, prefabricated building waterproof sealing system, full decoration and interior decoration industrialization, etc.

※ various integrated houses:

light steel structure houses, color steel movable houses, combined hoisting houses, and assembled movable houses, which are far beyond the requirements of the current industry standards Prefabricated movable houses, wooden structure houses, wooden villas, bamboo and wood houses, mobile villas and ecological integrated houses; Folding box house container room, new insulation shed, antique building, mobile room toilet, tent house, etc.

※ green building materials:

building facade decoration materials, doors, windows, curtain walls and sunshade systems, building water-saving equipment and systems, building electrical and intelligent systems, building structural materials, enclosure and separation structures and protective materials, building environmental protection coatings, GRC decorative components, EPS decorative components, GRG gypsum products, building waterproof materials Building sealing materials, building fireproof materials, building acoustic materials, building luminous materials and other new materials

※ decoration system:

integrated decoration system, integral toilet, integral kitchen, cabinet, wardrobe, customized furniture of the whole house, integral wood home decoration, ceiling, doors and windows,

indoor shading, partition system, ground pavement materials, wall decoration materials, decorative stones, decorative plates, decorative glass, building water and electricity system, building lighting system, building hot water engineering system, switches, sockets, pipe products Decorative glass, building decoration hardware, paint and coating in recent years

booth specifications and charging standards

● standard booth: basic configuration includes three white exhibition boards (two corners), booth carpets, two information desks, four folding chairs, four spotlights, one 220v/5a power socket, and exhibitor lintel (name of Chinese and English units)

● indoor light floor: no exhibition equipment and facilities are provided. The exhibitors design and build their own booths. The special decoration management fees and water and electricity fees charged by the exhibition hall shall be borne by the exhibitors themselves

advertising and charging standards

■ remarks: (the catalogue is an electronic version, with a specification of (210mmx285mm) and a resolution of 300. It is related to advertising, on-site advertising and various sponsorship matters of the exhibition, Please call the Secretariat of the organizing committee to inquire about the

concurrent activities:

● 2019 Third China Construction 4.0 International Innovation Forum and the Belt and Road national business exchange conference

● 2019 Third China prefabricated building forum and industrial modernization technology seminar

● 2019 Third China BIM Technology Application and construction industrialization Summit Forum

● 2019 third real estate through train activity (real estate procurement matching Conference)

● the third well-known real estate Symposium in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay Area in 2019

● 2019 new era real estate product integration Development Summit Forum

● 2019 green building · smart future theme Summit Forum

● 2019 Third China Green Building Expert Forum

● 2019 industrial real estate big data application forum

● new power of city leaders · Secondary Development Summit Forum of old city reconstruction

● real estate strategic marketing salon in the Internet + Environment

● press conference of the world young designers conference

● smart design and green building summit forum

introduction to the exhibition hall

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

location: Guangdong Shenzhen

exhibition area: 22000 square meters

address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, third Fuhua Road, Futian Central District, Shenzhen

exhibition consultation/exhibition contact/audience registration

address: West Building K, Kehui Jingu, No. 101, science Avenue, Science City, Guangzhou Seat chamber. Postal Code: 510530

contact person: huangpeipei18122764299:

:+ 9916 Fax: +9917


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