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Nine Dragons Paper claims not to be a sweatshop

for half a month, it has not responded positively. For example, Nine Dragons Paper, which was questioned by sweatshop, finally began an important step in crisis management yesterday. Wu Guoxun, deputy general manager of Nine Dragons Paper, said in an interview with China business news at its Hong Kong office that nine dragons paper is definitely not a sweatshop

Wu Guoxun said that for the 17 allegations mentioned in the SACOM report (see the report of this newspaper on April 18 and 21 for details), Nine Dragons Paper is conducting a detailed investigation and sorting out. Chairman Zhang Yin will hold a media meeting at the headquarters of Nine Dragons Paper in Dongguan in the first week after May 1 to explain the allegations involved in the report that he hopes to help you. He also said, At that time, the relevant parties will be arranged to visit the factory by rotating the DC motor and applying torque to the test piece

Wu Guoxun revealed that Zhang Yin was mainly busy with roadshows in the United States recently. During the roadshows, some investors also asked whether there was a sweatshop, which nine dragons denied. On the other hand, Wu Guoxun also said that the SACOM report raised many questions and comments to the company's management, and nine dragons also hoped to take the report seriously. For the 17 specific allegations involved in the report, Wu Guoxun said that he did not know the specific situation, but nine dragons would communicate and explain to the public after making things clear. In terms of management, we should check the problems of connectors, and if there are any deficiencies, we will improve them

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