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Hardware enterprises' integrated marketing planning "nine step rule"

facing the depressed economic environment, enterprises are trying to find a good way to solve difficulties, and more and more hardware enterprises begin to pay attention to integrated marketing and take action. But for how to carry out integrated marketing, how to do a good job of enterprise marketing planning is not very clear, here for hardware enterprises to provide the nine step rule of integrated marketing planning for reference

step 1: Market Research

only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win every battle. Many enterprise marketing competition strategies are formulated by the boss sitting in the office, thinking hard, just by feeling and by his own subjective will to replace the real consumption needs of consumers, and he knows nothing about the strategies of competitors. Therefore, the final result is often a waste of enterprise funds and resources and fall into market difficulties. Only by understanding the competitors and the real consumption needs of consumers, can we formulate targeted competitive strategies in combination with the resources and current situation of enterprises, which is the premise of success, and all the marketing strategies are based on market research. Market research includes market status, consumer demand, competitors and a re rational examination of the enterprise's own resources and status quo, simply speaking, internal investigation and external market environment investigation

step 2: SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the enterprise)

through the collation of market survey information, we should clarify the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise, and clarify the market mechanism, which is expected to be fully put into production in 2017, and the competitive threat. Market opportunities are equal for every enterprise, and the key depends on whether the enterprise can grasp it in combination with its own actual situation. Large enterprises have the living method that large enterprises can quickly determine the required range, and small enterprises also have the survival way of small enterprises. For any enterprise, there are opportunities to become bigger and stronger. Enterprises should first understand their current situation, rationally understand their strengths and weaknesses, and also see the threats from competitors, so as to formulate competitive marketing strategies and strategies

Step 3: market positioning and business strategy

only with goals can there be motivation and direction of efforts. The determination of business strategy is not only a simple sales target and profit index, but also includes annual sales target, profit target, product planning strategy, competitive strategy, brand strategy, market promotion strategy, channel strategy, etc. to supply water from a fixed nozzle. Business strategies include long-term and immediate ones, which should be determined in combination with the current situation of the enterprise and market dynamics

Step 4: formulate targeted marketing strategies

the lack of effective marketing strategies is the main reason why many enterprises are in the dilemma of promotion in the market. The formulation of marketing strategy should be combined with the needs of competitors and consumers. It is necessary to formulate the enterprise's product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, promotion strategy for dealers and consumers, terminal strategy, etc

Step 5: brand planning and low-cost integrated marketing communication strategy

brand building is not a simple advertising but a short-term quick success. Brand building is the accumulation of all marketing activities of the enterprise and the result of long-term systematic marketing activities of the enterprise. Brand building is not about the improvement of enterprise sales. When many enterprises complete the original accumulation of enterprises and make a development leap, the brand has become a barrier, and the failure is the lack of systematic brand planning and brand communication from the initial stage. Brand planning includes brand positioning, brand appeal, brand visual identity system design, etc., and brand communication should be determined in combination with the actual resources of the enterprise. In the case of limited enterprise funds, it is necessary to consider low-cost brand marketing and communication activities, such as terminal, soft text and other ground penetration and communication. After the enterprise has the strength of a certain tensile testing machine with smaller power, it is also necessary to consider the aerial bombing of television and so on

Step 6: formulate competitive regional market promotion strategies

after market research and understanding the market strategies, market opportunities and current situation of competitive brands, enterprises should formulate their own market promotion strategies. Should they adopt the strategy of focusing on the target market, first establish a base area and carry out steady market promotion from point to area, or implement the strategy of full market flowering; Whether to adopt the strategy of following the market to compete with competitors, or to avoid the direct conflict with competitors and split the battlefield, etc., should be determined in combination with the actual resources of the enterprise

Step 7: investment planning and strategy, dealer management

establish a perfect distribution channel, which is equivalent to occupying a favorable position on the battlefield! Investment promotion is like marriage solicitation, which requires systematic planning. Before marriage solicitation, you should first examine your own conditions and list your advantages. Secondly, you should consider what kind of target lover you want to find is the most suitable. Then, you should consider what kind of media you want to publish the information of marriage solicitation. Before publishing the information, you should also consider what kind of marriage solicitation communication content is more attractive. After you have potential target lovers, We need to consider how to communicate and get the girl's heart. Investment promotion requires systematic planning, preparation and planning. Many enterprises let salespersons rush to the battlefield of investment promotion with simple product information because they did not make a full plan, and the final result is nothing. Investment promotion planning should clarify a series of factors such as investment promotion objectives, investment promotion conditions, enterprise policy support, investment promotion methods and ways, investment promotion communication norms, investment promotion steps and plans. The management of dealers is like the operation of marriage. If there is no effective operation and management means, the wife may also empathize with farewell love (acting for other brands) or red apricot out of the wall (operating our brand and promoting other brands). If the husband and wife are not in harmony for a long time, they can only face the end of divorce

step 8: marketing team construction and management (personnel, business, information, etc.)

the establishment of marketing team should be determined in combination with the enterprise's strategy and marketing strategy. First, it is necessary to complete the marketing organization structure planning, clarify the Department composition of the marketing organization, the functions and responsibilities of each department, and then determine what kind of people to allocate, specifically to clarify the job description of each person, Let each marketing personnel clarify their responsibilities and rights, such as regional managers, provincial managers, city managers, sales executives, market planners, etc. Finally, we should formulate everyone's job description. Combine the job description, and then determine the salary system of each position. Improving the design of the salary system plays an important role in stabilizing and cultivating a group of marketers who can recruit and fight well and mobilizing their subjective initiative. For the management of the marketing team, we should establish a set of systematic marketing system and process for personnel, business, information feedback, etc. the marketing system can stimulate, supervise and punish the behavior of marketing personnel, and the process can ensure the efficiency of marketing activities and the execution and depth of marketing plans

Step 9: marketing budget and annual marketing implementation plan (including marketing control system)

target formulation corresponds to the existing resources of the enterprise. Marketing budget and cost control are carried out according to the actual funds and resources of the enterprise, and specific annual marketing plans and action measures are formulated

with the above nine step rule, hardware enterprises can formulate their own integrated marketing plan according to their own conditions

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