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There are nine reasons for enterprises to go up

enterprises are one of the most talked about topics in the business community in recent years, e-commerce, shopping, advertising, supermarkets. So many enterprises are interested in the market, in the final analysis, because there are infinite business opportunities in the market. So, what can it bring to enterprises? What advantage does it have? Reason 1: enterprises should keep up with the trend of the times. For enterprises, the first thing to pay attention to is that the Internet has connected a considerable number of people, enterprises and governments, and is developing towards a broader range. China's connection began five years ago, and its population has grown to 4million today, and will reach 8million in 2000. Internet users are developing rapidly in China, so no entrepreneur should stay out of the Internet. If any enterprise wants to keep up with the trend of the times, it must go up as soon as possible. Reason 2: collecting information and publishing information because tens of millions of computers are connected to the Internet, this is an ocean of information. People can find all kinds of information on. Internet is the largest information warehouse in the world. The system on it allows users to query files and databases on several machines, and many information can be obtained free of charge, and many software and games can be obtained free or at a low price. Speaking of, people often set their goals on browsing station information, downloading software and other popular network applications. These are very important for enterprises, but this is not the only one. The higher goal of BASF infinergy foaming material applied to Adidas running shoe enterprises should be to establish their own intranet, establish stations on the Internet, publish their own information, let others see you, and enable enterprises to go to the country and the world. Reason 3: strengthening the information connection and interconnection between enterprises and society is a highly efficient information exchange system. Information directly passes through the line in the form of electrical signals from the beginning to the end. At the same time, because the interconnection is based on digital information, the reliability of information exchange is far more than that of conventional communication. With unparalleled advantages, it will continue to increase and upgrade this society in the future: ◆ people are rapidly transmitting various changing information through e-mail; ◆ e-mail can also copy many places "one to many", which greatly improves the work efficiency and saves time; ◆ documents that need to be faxed before can be quickly and safely arrived by email; ◆ the information transmitted by email is easier to manage and save; ◆ you can encrypt and make a mailing list; ◆ you can make electronic greeting cards, choose stationery at will, and make an address book. ◆ email is faster, safer and more efficient than traditional letters. In addition, network fax and various network communication hardware servers are also increasingly put into use, changing people's work, study and life. Reason 4: enterprises enter the field of e-commerce. As we all know, e-commerce is the general trend of future economic development. The goal is to realize the networking and electronization of transaction information, such as using e-money, opening stores, conducting business negotiations and signing contracts with e-signatures. Enterprises are different from ordinary people. They usually have to join an industry association or business station to become members or members. Members or members can publish supply and demand information on Industry Association stations or commercial stations, obtain relevant policy and market information, and enjoy other services. However, industry association stations or commercial stations generally only absorb enterprises that establish their own stations. At present, the industry and commercial stations are entering the stage of standardized development, and the membership system in the form of fees and membership examination is adopted to provide standardized and high-quality services for enterprises. Relatively speaking, due to insufficient financial support and review process, the members of the free business station are mixed, and the quality of information and service is not very high. Reason 5: advertising enterprises can use their own or others' pages to advertise on. Some professional Internet service providers (ISPs, i.e. Internet service providers) set up large-scale information service systems to summarize information and provide advertising services for enterprises. Advertisements are usually posted on the ISP page with a striking graphic, through which more or more specific advertising information can be connected, and the amount of information can be very large. The enterprise station itself is an advertisement. Some enterprises set up their own pages on it, or set up their own stations to centralize the enterprise information, classify and column it, which is convenient for browsing. All famous enterprises in modern society have established their own pages or stations on. Reason 6: establish real-time, special or individual information exchange channels with the outside. Some enterprises publish e-mail addresses on the website, so that customers can express their opinions to enterprises through e-mail. Because the delivery speed of e-mail is very fast, enterprises can quickly get customer information and reply in time. Some enterprise stations contact customers in the form of information meetings (called BBS or bulletin boards). Customers can express their opinions at the "meetings", and can also see the information of other customers and previous information. The information of the information meeting can enable customers to comprehensively and objectively understand the enterprise and its services and products, and because it is a direct dialogue, it can enhance feelings. Some enterprises set up information consulting stations on the ground, with specially assigned personnel on duty to provide information services. Reason 7: use the Internet to establish the internal network of enterprises. The Internet supports enterprises to establish the internal network of enterprises (called inttrnet, i.e. intranet). This kind of network can be connected with the Internet, but it can divide the internal and external network systems, and it can also organize branches all over the world into the internal network through the Internet. Some enterprise personnel use laptops when they go out. They can remotely connect to the enterprise network by making long-distance calls anywhere, or connect to the internal network of the enterprise by roaming through the local ISP. Reason 8: there are many publishable information in the enterprise information of establishing electronic publications, which can be extracted and processed into media forms such as enterprises, dynamic analysis, praise reports, etc. After collecting these information, you can run an electronic publication and distribute it on the website. At present, there are many electronic publications, and many news comes from enterprises and institutions. On the other hand, by subscribing to electronic publications (generally free), you can get processed and sorted information in all aspects. Reason 9: enterprises using e-commerce system to engage in efficient business can use the e-commerce system specially provided by the Internet for enterprises to conduct transactions, including inquiry, counter-offer, confirmation, contract signing, and even currency payment, tax declaration, customs declaration. Theoretically, e-commerce can support enterprises to complete information business in all business activities, that is to say, no matter buyers, sellers and intermediaries, all traditional business document exchange and financial business can be completed through interconnection in a "up" (also known as ""). Obviously, e-commerce is a special system for enterprise business, and it is the most important function that enterprises need to obtain. At present, China's e-commerce system is in the establishment stage, but in developed countries, the system has been running for many years. In the field of international trade and domestic trade in China, some industries and markets have adopted standardized e-commerce systems to deal with business affairs. It can be considered that e-commerce is an advanced function of interconnection for enterprises. The existing construction technology leads to too many cracks. It is one of the leading directions for the development of interconnection in the future, and it is also the future development of enterprises

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