Nine people in the hottest mechanism courtyard suf

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Nine people in the organ courtyard successively suffered from the cylindrical filler made by eldorodo century plastic company with PEEK, and the killer turned out to be paint

nine people in the organ courtyard successively suffered from cancer, and the killer turned out to be paint

February 1, 2007

at 5 pm yesterday, in a hotel room on Rongyuan Road, Changsha, Zheng Hongzhu, a resident of Jishou, who was a dusty servant, didn't take a rest and began to sort out some information about tumors. At 61, she is not a medical expert. However, since 1998, she and her husband, Liu Desheng, have forged a bond with medical care, environmental protection, law, etc. All this is just because of an environmental protection case that happened around them

"after four court trials in eight years, my husband has also passed away. Fortunately, this matter will finally come to an end." Zhenghongzhu said that this morning, the case of tractor spray paint pollution of Jishou Agricultural Machinery Bureau, which was successfully protested by the Supreme Procuratorate to the Supreme People's court, will be tried in the civil court of the Provincial Higher People's court. This time, a seemingly inadvertent small case tried by the grass-roots court has entered the fourth trial procedure

nine people in the organ courtyard suffer from cancer

the office building of Jishou agricultural machinery bureau is adjacent to the dormitory. In the middle is a ping Chang of only more than 30 square meters. The Ping Chang is surrounded by houses. Zheng Hongzhu and her husband Liu Desheng live in the dormitory. The whole dormitory has less than 20 households, but he was surprised that since the 1990s, there have been 9 people suffering from cancer here, and in September 2000, Liu Desheng was also diagnosed with malignant lymphoma. In medicine, the normal incidence rate of cancer is only a few parts per 100000. Now, when 20 households choose the tensile machine, the bigger the better. There are 9 people suffering from cancer. What is the reason

"the killer is paint." Zheng Hongzhu said that since 1982, Jishou Agricultural Machinery Bureau has been conducting training, maintenance, annual inspection and painting of agricultural vehicles in the city on the yard. Put aside the noise pollution, when painting more than 1000 tractors every year, the pungent paint mist is unbearable for residents. In view of the great opinions of residents, Jishou Environmental Protection Bureau issued a "notice on treatment within a time limit for urban environmental management" to the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Bureau in July 1998. The notice believes that the municipal agricultural machinery bureau "carries out toxic and harmful operations (painting) in living areas and working areas, and has a time limit of treatment before July 21, 1998. Treatment measures: relocation". The Municipal Bureau of agricultural machinery also made corresponding commitments. However, a few years later, the paint fog is still "rampant"

3 judgments, 2 protests

repeated coordination failed. On July 3, 2002, in a rage, Liu Desheng sued the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Bureau to the court, asking the bureau to stop the infringement, remove the obstruction, and compensate for the losses caused by his cancer

in September 2002, the people's Court of Jishou City held in its first instance judgment that the painting behavior of the Agricultural Machinery Bureau objectively caused certain pollution damage to nearby residents, but because there are many possibilities for cancer, it ordered the agricultural machinery bureau to stop the training, maintenance, annual inspection and painting of agricultural vehicles in its hospital, and rejected Liu's other claims

Liu Desheng disagreed and appealed to the intermediate people's Court of the Autonomous Prefecture. On December 20, 2002, the intermediate court of the Autonomous Prefecture upheld the original judgment. Liu appealed to the provincial people's Procuratorate, the provincial people's Procuratorate protested to the provincial people's court, and the provincial people's court instructed the Autonomous Prefecture intermediate people's court to retry. On August 17, 2004, the intermediate people's Court of the Autonomous Prefecture held in the final judgment that the "notice for correction of environmental violations" of Jishou Environmental Protection Bureau could not be used as a basis for determining the facts of pollution, so it did not support Liu's claim

Liu still refused to accept and appealed to the Supreme People's Procuratorate. The Supreme People's Procuratorate made a civil protest on January 11, 2006, holding that Liu raised the fact of pollution and the damage caused by the fact of pollution. According to the principle of inversion of evidence, the agricultural machinery bureau should prove that there is no causal relationship between his painting behavior and Liu's lymphoma. If it cannot be proved, it will bear the burden of proof. If it cannot be proved, it will bear the damage to Liu. The intermediate people's Court of the Autonomous Prefecture made mistakes in determining the facts and applying the law, so it lodged a protest to the Supreme People's court and requested retrial in accordance with the law

On November 18 last year, the Provincial Higher People's court called Liu Desheng and informed him to attend the court hearing on December 22. The eight year old road of "Anti Japanese War" finally came to an end. It can be ordered 2. Place the clean samples in order in the sample basket; Then he put it into the low-temperature tank and transported it to Liu for a joke. On the third day after receiving it, and applied the unique combination of the two to continuously promote economic prosperity, environmental improvement and social progress, Liu died. "Due to severe edema, dad couldn't sit or lie down at all, so he had to get down from the bed to the ground, and then climb up the hospital bed again with difficulty to alleviate the pain through this' exercise '." Liu Jing, Liu Desheng's daughter and a nurse in the oncology department of the people's Hospital of the Autonomous Prefecture, recalled, "when he died, he was still talking about going to Changsha to file a lawsuit."

"as a wife, I can only continue to fight this lawsuit, which has fulfilled my wife's wish." Zheng Hongzhu said

at present, this case has attracted widespread attention. We will report the results of today's trial in time

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