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Before a company shipped its products, it had to pack individual products in boxes, then put these small boxes into a large box, and then wrap these large boxes with plastic paper and send them to the heating channel. After treatment, it made them waterproof and shrink proof. Finally, these large boxes were stacked, put them on the conveying platform, and transported to the truck or train compartment with a forklift

in the energy crisis that occurred in the United States decades ago, pat Lancaster, the founder and chairman of the board of directors of Lantech, came up with a new method: use a continuous roll of plastic film to tightly package the boxes of the entire conveyor table (set up to expand the exchange cooperation in various fields to imagine such a scenario: you wrap your fingers around with tape several times). This means that the heat shrinkable packaging method has been eliminated, greatly reducing the energy consumption. Lantech applied for a patent for this and made a profit from CUHK. Today, Lantech is a world leader in extending packaging materials, pallet stackers and cargo delivery systems

everything has two sides, and the same is true for Lantech. Lancaster admitted that the company did not do well in many aspects: "the product quality and customer service links are very weak, and the factory efficiency is low, but because the demand is still large, we are still following the old set."

until one day, "we lost the protection of patents, and things changed overnight." He recalled, "we have to admit that we have just been selling trolleys and are complacent about it. Suddenly, we found that other people can do what we can. We can no longer boast that we are better than our opponents."

Lancaster realized that the company's free lunch was finished. Unless we can figure out a way to miraculously reduce inventory, improve product quality, provide high-quality customer service, and become efficient, the end of Lantech is approaching

in the following ten years, Lantech tripled its turnover without increasing employees, greatly reducing the production time, and reducing the production time of single machine from the past five weeks to 11 hours. During this period, the monthly productivity increased by 1% - all this is because the company is focused on making output greater in a more economical way. This is also the unremitting pursuit of a lean and efficient enterprise

you may hear someone swear, "we are becoming a lean and efficient enterprise". These words come from some business owners, managers, department heads or CEOs. In fact, they are building momentum for a round of mass layoffs or cost cutting campaigns. The word "lean" has become synonymous with increasing pressure, and employees are worried about it

in fact, the meaning of the so-called "lean" enterprise is far more than that. A lean enterprise should contain many admirable characteristics, which are not easy to imitate or control. They challenge the tradition, and any enterprise that adopts this method will find that they are going against the current. This requires the patience and determination of leaders to implant the lean concept into the company's corporate culture and organizational structure

for this reason, the company must refine the following nine unique skills

pay attention to details

most enterprises claim that they pay attention to details, which is not the case in reality. Many enterprises will feel guilty for rash decisions, uneasy about "putting out fires" everywhere, busy implementing one new project after another, running for minor repairs and subsidies that continue to appear, and racking their brains to quickly improve profits. This is why we should pay attention to details

don't confuse the attention to details with the management method of haggling over every ounce. Leaders should not spend all day in reports and digital analysis, but should systematically explore important things that can promote the development of the company's career, authorize trusted subordinates to do the monitoring and operation, and pay attention to the problems in time until they are solved

IKEA, a Swedish furniture retailer, has always maintained efficient productivity. One of the reasons is that IKEA people follow the motto of its founder Ingvar Kamprad: "if a general disperses his troops, he will fail. IKEA can only focus on one thing at a time. Concentration is strength."

dare to compete

now many enterprises respect, recognize, promote and reward those generalists who can quickly enter the state and absorb knowledge. In the current business environment, those who can hand over production, customers, workers and suppliers to their successors at any time will be respected, whether they seek another job or are promoted

these qualities are embodied in Jack stack of SRC holdings, as can be seen from his story. He was once assigned to Springfield, Missouri, to work for a factory belonging to the International Harvester company. The company was later bought by stark and his colleagues

"as soon as I came to Springfield, I found that the people here have the entrepreneurial spirit I have never met. Their attitude is to get tools, and I can work. We will show the world what we can do. There are no goals we can't achieve in the world, and we can also buy other harvester plants around the world. Here we are. Although we are small, we are able to swallow elephants."

at the end of his story, stark said more excitedly, "what makes us happy most is that we make the president of the company uneasy, because he has to fly here to give us awards. His angry expression is beyond words. We are happy."

world saving is also aggressive. Herb Sandler described him and his wife as people who focus on results. Everything they do, whether in business or in life, is the same. He said, "we have our own system, but we don't have time for our employees to sit down. Achieving the expected results is what we care about. We are a company that emphasizes competition. We tell our employees that unless they follow the same philosophy as us, the company has no position for them."

when asked whether she still likes this industry in the past 40 years, Marion Sandler immediately gave her answer: "from the perspective of remuneration, we are in a very good industry. We do not cause pollution, we let people have their own homes, and we guarantee their interests. But the most gratifying thing for us is that we are highly competitive and leading all the way."

simplicity is beauty

when asked if Marion Sandler had a full-time driver, she nodded and admitted that it was her little luxury. Her driver is her husband, who is very reliable (his performance far exceeds the requirements of a driver)

Marion Sandler also admitted that she had a wish: knit a sweater every year as a holiday craft, which is good for the company. At a charity auction last year, her sweater sold for 800 dollars

another simple example is about Mr. conprad of IKEA. He expressed surprise at the fact that many companies held meetings at any time. "Hundreds of people crowded together, the preparation of the meeting was not good, and there was a lack of transparency. This is not a cost-effective approach." In his book monologue of a furniture dealer, he wrote, "if one-on-one investigation can do a good job, why bother?"

from their clothes to the decoration of the company, from the car they drive to the room they live in, most of the company leaders who advocate lightness and efficiency have simple virtues. Being superficial is not their philosophy and lifestyle

think long.

Dan dimicco, CEO of Nucor steel, said that when you think long term, almost every business decision will be different because your foothold is long-term rather than short-term. "The steel industry is a cyclical industry," he said. "When the timing is wrong or demand is weak, the situation will be quite bad."

in addition to its cyclical characteristics, the steel industry is also a high investment and capital intensive industry. Nucor's goal is to be a low-cost supplier, so that when demand is low, the company can sell at a low price. "A company cannot prosper without employees, customers and suppliers working together," dimico said

when market demand decreases, Nucor lets employees produce steel they can sell. At the same time, we will provide them with training and repair workshops to prepare for the warming of demand. Although the company's profit in 2001 was only 20% of its best year, 10000 employees of the factory did not lose their jobs and still received their full wages

imagine if Wal Mart, Kmart and other discount stores set their stores in the city center rather than the suburbs, what would the declining urban center look like? Stephen Tindall of the warehouse group could have easily moved the American model to New Zealand and Australia and built large shopping malls on cheap land in hundreds of towns and urban areas. But Tyndale's long-term view is that people will eventually hate you because you destroy the natural scenery there. Therefore, the warehouse group prefers to build its stores in the city center. Continuous social surveys show that 80% of businesses that use the warehouse model have achieved considerable growth in profits

despise waste

leaders of all lean and efficient companies agree with the view of "despise waste". They agree with herb Sandler that "efficient and successful companies are not free to spend money, but the art of spending money". Let's take a look at Sandler's company. Yes, there are two planes in world savings. A manager of the company made a lot of calculations to support the decision to buy the aircraft. He explained that the cost of owning and maintaining two planes, especially injection molding or molding, is much cheaper than buying thousands of round-trip tickets every month: from the company's headquarters in Oakland, California, to the company's backstage support center in San Antonio, Texas, the company's personnel have to go back and forth many times a month. He also has a logic: if you buy a ticket, all you get is a receipt; After the use value of the aircraft is used up, you still have its residual value

IKEA has its own explanation for waste. The 70000 employees working for IKEA all hold the view of "lista", which is often spoken by Ingvar conprad, the founder of IKEA. It comes from SMALAND in southern Sweden. According to conprad, people here have a habit of using existing things as much as possible. IKEA explained that lista means that you can continue to operate a pallet truck by hand on a shelf less than 18 feet without having to buy a new forklift

become a good teacher

lean enterprises have a common feature, that is, their CEOs define their role as teachers. They are eager to share their views and insights with the surrounding employees, rather than bossing them around

bill Zollars is the CEO of yellow freight company. He often puts his

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