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Sinomach 9 loaders were successfully delivered to China Coal Pingshuo group

Sinomach 9 loaders were successfully delivered to China Coal Pingshuo group

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recently, Sinomach 9 956t loaders were successfully delivered to China Coal Pingshuo group, marking that the in-depth cooperation between Sinomach and China Coal Pingshuo in the field of equipment localization and application has entered a new stage

Sinomach 956t loaders

this time, the nine 956t loaders are Sinomach's first products to enter China Coal Pingshuo, and the next two 3. In this case, 1 is a 80h backhoe with a large gap (with a crushing hammer), and 1 955n loader will also be delivered to customers in the near future

in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, the mining division of the group company has carried out a lot of customer research and brand promotion in the early stage. According to the configuration needs of customers, the Changzhou base of Sinomach heavy industries has realized multi-channel closed-loop control, customized design, and arranged equipment production and performance commissioning at the first time. The two departments worked together to ensure the timely delivery of the equipment, Go all out and fight bravely to achieve the general goal of "decisive battle 2018" of the group company

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