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Nine questions that users want to know about installing PV

the plan for a year lies in spring. Spring is sunny and sunny, which is the ideal time for the photovoltaic power generation system to generate electricity. After summarizing some questions of customers before installing photovoltaic, you can consider installing a photovoltaic power generation system on your roof to provide more security for parents' pension, more reserves for children's education fund, and more income for your future life

I. what are the components of the solar photovoltaic system

the whole set of equipment is composed of solar cell modules, support system, inverter, electrical distribution system, etc. the installation and commissioning of the equipment can be completed in 1 to 3 days without any change to the original circuit of the family. The photovoltaic power generation system can be used normally for about 25 years, that is, you can continue to earn power generation income for about 25 years

II. What conditions are required for the installation of solar photovoltaic equipment

as long as your furniture has a certain area of unobstructed flat and sloping roofs, you can apply for installation. The roof and waterproof will not be damaged during installation and use

III. is the roof distributed photovoltaic power generation system safe? Is there any risk of illegal construction

at present, distributed photovoltaic power generation system has very mature technology and market experience. From product quality to scheme design to actual installation, there are very rigorous processes and technologies. The installation process does not need to transform the house, but designs the installation scheme according to different building environments. Distributed photovoltaic power generation systems can be designed and installed on the common concrete roofs of self built houses, glazed tile inclined roofs of villas, and colored steel tile roofs of factories

the state strongly supports the development of distributed photovoltaic on buildings, and has issued various supporting documents, without the risk of illegal construction

the electric power company will give encouragement and support to the corresponding national policies in the aspect of and acceptance. The distributed photovoltaic project of the user can apply for and obtain the power generation income after completing the preliminary filing procedures and passing the acceptance of the power bureau after the installation

IV. how much investment is needed to install a set of solar photovoltaic power generation equipment

taking rural Shandong as an example, the available roof area of general farmers is about square meters, and 5kW photovoltaic power generation system can be installed. The price of photovoltaic system is yuan/w, and the total price of the system is 10000 yuan. The average annual power generation is about 7500 degrees, and the average annual income is 5600 yuan

v. the initial investment is so expensive that 30000 or 40000 yuan can be used for more than ten years. Will it lose money

the income of photovoltaic power generation is not only the income from saving electricity bills, but also national subsidies, and some local subsidies. Taking Shandong Province as an example, according to the "full amount" model, the total income of photovoltaic power generation = power generation * 0.75 yuan/kWh of state subsidies. Users can recover in about 5 years. The one-step extrusion process, which combines the mixing granulation and extrusion forming process into one, also deserves attention to the cost and brings 25 years of stable cash flow. The yield of photovoltaic power generation is still good

as for the cost of photovoltaic power generation, a set of photovoltaic power generation system with high quality and effective improvement of the friction life and fatigue life of mechanical mechanisms, the main materials account for 70% of the total price of the system, the installation cost accounts for 1%, but there is no crosslinking 0% in thermoplastic, and the remaining part is the cost of supporting the normal operation of the enterprise. For rural users, the state has introduced sunshine loan services and photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Policies. In the near future, every household can afford photovoltaic power generation

VI. the service life is too low, and the later maintenance is laborious. In case of any disaster, you will lose money

a set of photovoltaic power generation system can normally generate electricity for more than 25 years. If qualified photovoltaic products are strictly selected, high-quality system integrators can basically ensure that users do not have additional post maintenance costs. Most brand enterprises provide limited power generation warranty for photovoltaic modules produced, and the 20-year power generation attenuation will not exceed 19% of the nominal power

with regard to the ability to resist natural disasters, this year, the Pearl River Delta passed through the 14 strongest typhoons in history. Unexpectedly, none of the power stations went wrong and all operated smoothly. Facts have proved that the photovoltaic power station has no problem in resisting natural disasters according to the scientific design scheme

moreover, insurance companies have launched photovoltaic insurance to provide users with all-round insurance coverage for photovoltaic systems in terms of natural disasters, power generation, etc., and users will have no worries about installing photovoltaic systems

VII. There are state subsidies now. What if they are cancelled some day

with regard to subsidies, the national subsidy of 0.37 yuan/kWh for self use mode (the latest adjustment in 2018) is 20 years. Now, after the establishment of the station, the subsidy of 0.37 yuan per kWh will be received in the next 20 years; If the subsidy is cancelled one day in the future, the power stations built before will not be affected, but the photovoltaic power stations built later will not enjoy the subsidy. Therefore, it is a golden opportunity to seize the current subsidy to invest in photovoltaic power stations

with the strong support of the state and the many benefits of distributed photovoltaic power generation, people are increasingly accepting this new investment model. With the popularity of distributed photovoltaic on the roof of homes and businesses, people will feel the changes brought by photovoltaic power generation to their lives

VIII. How do you view the news that "a lot of energy is consumed in the production of photovoltaic cell modules"

photovoltaic cells do consume a certain amount of energy in the production process, including industrial silicon purification, high-purity polysilicon production, and monocrystalline silicon rod/polysilicon ingot production. However, photovoltaic cells can continuously generate energy within the service life of 20 years. It is estimated that under the average sunshine conditions in China, the energy return of photovoltaic power generation system in the whole life cycle exceeds its energy consumption by more than 15 times. The energy recovery period of the 1 kW roof photovoltaic system installed at the best inclination in Beijing is 1 Years, far below the service life of photovoltaic system. That is to say, the photovoltaic system is the first 1 The annual electricity generated is used to offset the energy consumed in its production and other processes. 1 The energy emitted after years is pure energy. Therefore, the energy consumption of photovoltaic cells should be evaluated from the perspective of the whole life cycle

IX. how much sunlight can we use? Can it become the dominant energy in the future

the solar radiation received by the earth's surface can meet 10000 times the global energy demand. The average annual radiation received by the surface per square meter is about kwh. According to the International Energy Agency, the installation of photovoltaic power generation systems in 4% of the deserts in the world is enough to meet the global energy demand. Photovoltaic power generation has broad development space (roofs, building surfaces, open spaces, deserts, etc.) and great potential

according to preliminary statistics, the market potential of distributed photovoltaic power generation installed only on the roofs of existing buildings in China is about more than 300million kW. Coupled with the vast Gobi in the west, the market potential of photovoltaic power generation is about billions of kW. With the technological progress and large-scale application of photovoltaic power generation, its power generation cost will be further reduced and become a more competitive energy supply mode. It will gradually transition from supplementary energy to alternative energy, and is highly expected to become the dominant energy in the future

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