Safety technical measures for installation of the

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Safety technical measures for the installation of multi-point drive belt machine head

in order to ensure the safety, high quality and timely completion of the project construction, the installation command leading group is organized to be fully responsible for the project management, and according to the needs of the project, the construction personnel are dynamically managed, and a group of elite soldiers with excellent technical quality, indomitable style and good fighting skills are selected. With high morale and full enthusiasm, they are invested in the project battle to ensure the construction period and quality

list of installation leading group:

low response speed

team leader: Song Guangyue (person in charge of project construction), Wang Mingyu (person in charge of project construction)

members: Wei Xindong (person in charge of safety), Ji Jinguo (person in charge of safety)

Zhao Qingjie (technical director, and responsible for quality acceptance) Liu Guangyue (technical director)

Liu Renmin (safety quality inspector) Liao Kai (safety quality inspector)

the construction of the machine head is divided into two shifts, each working 12 hours, and each shift is arranged with 15 people

(I) 1 person in charge of shift safety

(II) 1 person in charge of construction technology

(III) 1 person in charge of safety and quality inspector

(IV) 12 installation workers

each shift has a comprehensive team leader and a deputy team leader, who are respectively responsible for the up and down construction and safety and quality work of the shift

IV. location: ××× The position of the head of the lane multi-point drive belt conveyor

v. preparatory work

(I) organize the construction personnel to be familiar with the construction drawings (the installation plan is drawn by the mechanical and electrical department), learn the relevant safety regulations, quality standards and construction measures, and conduct technical disclosure

(II) prepare construction machines and tools (such as guide chains, rope buckles, lifting noses, drill rods, etc.) as required, store them in the overhaul group, and the person in charge of construction arranges relevant personnel to carefully inspect and test them to ensure the safety and reliability of machines and tools

(III) prepare all screws according to the installation requirements, store them in the overhaul group, and pack them into small bags less than 10 kg with woven bags according to the quantity used, which is convenient for carrying down the well

detection standard (IV) the installed equipment, deflection frame, etc. shall be marked with red paint before going down the well to facilitate installation. The person in charge of construction and the technical person in charge of each shift should be familiar with the marks. And measure the horizontal dimension from the center line of the unloading drum to the front of the big bottom and the dimension from the lower bottom of the leading drum to the plane of the big bottom (for determining the installation position of the machine head for future installation)

(V) after the mechanical and electrical department notifies the installation, the construction director and technicians should first go to the construction site to check whether the installation conditions are met according to the installation plan, measure whether the roadway at the installation position meets the design requirements through the center line of the hanging belt conveyor, and whether the ground is flat. If it is uneven, the first installation team should be equipped with an appropriate number of pickaxes and shovels according to the workload. And check whether the installation and lifting position is appropriate, and check whether the lifting nose and anchor rod match. Finally, check whether the equipment and rack in place are complete. After meeting the installation conditions, report to the unit leader for installation

VI. safety technical measures

(I) safety objective: to eliminate minor injuries and non casualty accidents above level 2

(II) management system: secondary safety management of installation command group and construction team

(III) safety assurance measures

1. General safety system

(1) all construction personnel participating in the construction of belt conveyor head must carefully study this construction measure, be familiar with the construction drawings, master the structure and construction procedures and methods of the head, and be familiar with the key geometric dimensions and the connection relationship between various components. All participants should sign

(2) strictly implement the shift handover system, make clear the installation tasks, tools, materials, project progress, etc., and make shift handover records. Signed by the head of each team, the research results as the construction score are also at the leading level in the world. After each shift, the person in charge of the shift shall arrange the staff to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the surrounding environment, construction machines and tools, rope buckles, etc., which shall be recorded in the shift record for future reference

(3) strictly implement the pre shift and post shift meeting system, hold a pre shift meeting half an hour in advance for each shift, and the person in charge of the shift assigns tasks, assigns work, and emphasizes safety precautions; Hold a post shift meeting after shift, summarize experiences and lessons, and add shift handover records

(4) each shift is equipped with one ground commander in chief and one underground commander to comprehensively command the work of the shift. All construction personnel must obey the command and deployment

(5) strictly keep labor records, don't be late, don't leave early, and don't leave the job without authorization. For those who violate the labor records, the general manager has provided an analysis method for China's on-site rapid supervision and inspection of drug packaging products. The commander has the right to stop their operations. For those who do not listen to the command and whose circumstances are serious, they will be handled by the team leader after the shift is stopped

(6) all construction personnel shall not drink alcohol before work, and shall be ordered to leave the work site immediately upon discovery. And punish according to the regulations of the mine. Obey the command in the process of work, do a good job in self-protection, mutual protection and joint protection, and strictly abide by the provisions of the coal mine safety regulations

(7) construction cadres should go deep into the site to participate in labor, command on site, and assist in labor discipline, safety quality and production progress

(8) the guide chain, rope buckle and lifting nose should be tested for strength before use, and can be used only after they are qualified

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