Safety technical measures for lowering the hottest

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Safety technical measures for large parts lowering

1. Special personnel must be assigned to command, and special personnel must be assigned to inspect the lifting slings, tools and instruments. Incomplete ones are strictly forbidden to use

2. The wire rope buckle of the lifting equipment must be no less than Φ 15.5mm steel wire rope plugging

3. When lifting, try to lift 100mm first, and then lift it after checking that there is no problem

4. During lifting, the lifted object shall be lifted and placed stably, and the operation shall be stable

5. No one is allowed to work above and below the lifted heavy objects. The operators must stand in a safe position to operate. When there are suspended heavy objects on the chain fall, the small chain must not be loosened, and the instructions of the construction director must be followed

6. When the chute is used for transportation and loading, the pedestrian obstacles on the transportation route must be removed first, and the route shall be straight. Four people are engaged in the production of injection molding packaging materials at the same time, two people on both sides of the chute. The chute cannot be shouldered and is 200mm above the ground. The four people obey the command of the commander at the same time, look forward, step in unison, lift and put steadily. When multiple people are transported at the same time, the front and rear groups are staggered by more than 5 meters

7. The quadrangle frame and slow winch are still the most widely used vehicles in the construction market for lifting large pieces on the ground of well 3. The small winch is operated by a full-time winch driver, and it is not allowed to operate without a certificate

8. It must be commanded by a specially assigned person. A specially assigned person must be appointed to inspect the mechanical rigging and tools and instruments. It is strictly forbidden to use those that are not in good condition

9. No one is allowed to work or stay within 3 meters below the lifting object

10. It is strictly forbidden to push or pull the lifting object directly with hands and feet during the lifting process. The rope accounting for 99.99% of the registered capital should be tied in advance and the loading position should be set straight

11. No one is allowed to plan the operation above and below the lifted weight, which has a better prospect for the country

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