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The hulusu coal mine of Zhongtian Hechuang Power Co., Ltd. is located in Tuke Town, Wushen Banner, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, with convenient transportation. The main substation under the mine is designed by China Coal Handan Design Engineering Co., Ltd. The substation is equipped with two single bus sectioned 10kv High-voltage Distribution parts, and the two circuits of each high-voltage part are separately from the 10kV distribution room sub bus section of the 110kV Substation in the air Industrial Park

the equipment and devices of hulusu coal mine main substation include: 2 sets of kbsg-500/10/0.69kv explosion-proof dry-type transformers, 5 sets of mining common high-voltage soft starters, 43 sets of kygc-z mining common high-voltage vacuum distribution cabinets, 9 sets of kydz-1 mining common high-voltage distribution cabinets, 1 set of 100ah/660v mining common DC panel, 1 set of main drainage pump control cabinet, 5 sets of main drainage pump control boxes, and 4 sets of high-voltage compensation cabinets (high-voltage compensation distribution chamber). The cables in the substation are laid along the cable trench. Indoor lighting adopts 18 mining explosion-proof LED lamps dgs24/127l (a) 24W, which are hung along the roadway top. The lighting power supply is led from the 127V power distribution circuit of the high-voltage cabinet D2 and D8. Two circuits of cross power are used, and the lamps are evenly distributed in three phases. The position of the standby cabinet shall be covered with the Striped steel plate after the construction is completed, and the spot welding shall be firm

1. After the substation equipment leaves the site, organize the supporting unit and the supervision unit to stop unpacking and acceptance, check the equipment list, check the appearance of the equipment, and review the factory inspection statement of the equipment

2. Organize support units and supervision units to stop the acceptance of substation equipment according to the construction drawings. The primary items include cable trench, high and high voltage cabinets and transformers

(1) check whether the basic elevation and longitudinal and transverse axes of the equipment are suitable for the standard requirements

(2) check whether the location and depth of the basic embedded parts, embedded bolts and reserved holes of the equipment are appropriate

(3) check whether the basic concrete grade of the equipment is appropriate

(4) after the equipment has basically passed the inspection, the handling of places that are not suitable for the requirements should be stopped immediately, and the installation project should be stopped on schedule

3. Contact the mining party to deal with construction power supply, air source and other tasks

4. Stop and close the construction area of the substation. Before stopping and closing, the ventilation performance in the substation is the same as that in the mine ventilation Department to ensure the normal ventilation of the construction area

5. Check the equipment transportation line on site, and operate the auxiliary shaft cage transportation equipment in the same way as the mine

according to the drawings and the premise of the construction site, The sequence of substation equipment and devices is as follows: basic acceptance → permanent lighting device → cable support device in cable trench → four times of high-voltage cable laying → production of basic channel steel of device and equipment → grounding assembly device → mining common high-voltage soft starter device → high-voltage cabinet device → DC screen device → transformer device → high-voltage cabinet device → power cable laying → electrical equipment wiring → high-voltage electrical experiment → manufacturer commissioning

2. Construction scheme

before the construction of the substation, stop isolating the underground central substation from the underground central pump room. The angle iron is used to weld the partition frame, the lower part of the partition is closed with color steel plate, and a 2000mm 2000mm vent is reserved on the upper part. It is guaranteed that the original ventilation layout will not be changed after adding the partition. At the other end of the substation, a large gate is welded with steel pipes to facilitate construction

1. Lighting device of the substation

the top of the substation chamber is 3650mm away from the bottom plate. During the construction of lighting measures of the substation, movable scaffolding is used. A total of 18 mining explosion-proof LED lamps (dgs24/127l (a) 127V 24W) are designed for the underground central substation. The lighting lamps and lighting cables are exposed along the hooks along the top of the chamber. The spacing of lamps is 5m, and the spacing of cable hooks is less than 2m

before the construction work, prepare the required portable scaffolds, pneumatic drills, air ducts and other tools and instruments, set out the middle line of the East-West target on the top of the substation, and fix the white line on both ends of the substation as the reference line of the lamp device (the middle line of the lamp deviates 800mm from the reference line of the device). Install cable hooks and lamps in sequence from west to East, and ensure the straightness and relative elevation difference of cable hooks and lamps. The cable hook and lamp hook shall be stopped firmly with the shrink bolt of 12

after the cable hook and lamp hook device are completed, stop the lighting cable laying and lamp wiring. Tighten a 6# steel wire along the cable hook completed by the device, and both ends are firmly fixed in the shrinkage bolt. As the hanging lead of the lighting line, it can ensure the tension of the cable. Place the lamps in sequence on the base plate of the substation and connect them with the lighting cable (myq-0.3/0.5kv 4 2.5mm ⊃;;) Connect. After the connection is completed, hang the lighting cables and lamps from west to East in sequence. When wiring the lamps, select the matching sealing ring, and tighten the bolts of the horn nozzle as required to eliminate the occurrence of explosion

after the cable laying and lamp installation are completed, a lighting integrated protection device is installed in the substation to supply power to the lighting lamps, so as to provide sufficient lighting for other device tasks in the substation. After the substation is put into use, change the power supply to the 127V distribution circuit of high-voltage cabinet D2 and D8 cabinet, and two circuits of cross power supply

according to the construction drawings, the production of cable supports was delayed in the air, and a total of 130 cable supports were made

the spacing of cable supports in the cable trench is 1m, and the spacing of turns is 0.5m. In front of the device, hang wires at both ends of the cable trench with reference to the device of the lamp, so as to control the straightness and relative elevation difference of the cable support. The most basic beam of the cable support is 100mm from the bottom of the pipe trench

utilization of cable trench cover plate δ 6mm striped steel plate is made. After making, it is brushed with 2 times of red lead antirust primer and 1 time of gray finish paint, which has obviously low impact toughness and strain aging phenomenon

after the completion of high catalytic activity nano carbon based materials and technical cable support devices in the cable trench, lay eight power cables from the air to the main substation (myjv.7/10kv 3 240mm ⊃;;). For the cable laying scheme, see Section 2. Is the beam speed of steel wire rope universal tensile strength tester normal? Special Enron technical measures for power cable laying in auxiliary shaft of hulusu coal mine of Tianhe Chuang Neng

Source Co., Ltd

8 power cables are laid separately to G11, G15, G31 and G35 high-voltage cabinets, and steel tape can be used to lift the walking signs according to the equipment installation drawings. When laying cables, 3M more cables can be laid to stop the wiring device. After laying in place, place the cable on the cable support in sequence. When encountering a turn, it is impossible to bend the cable forcibly, and a certain arc must be left. The cable laying shall be neat, the turns and branches shall not be disordered, the gallop shall be different, and the direction shall be clear

according to the size of the equipment base, the equipment channel steel base is made in the air, and all bases use 10# channel steel (except for the base of 2 transformers)

transport the fabricated channel steel base to the device position of the substation through the auxiliary shaft cage. According to the elevation points given by the mine construction and the requirements of the drawings, all cabinets are 1000mm away from the side wall of the substation, that is, the edge of the channel steel base is 1000mm away from the side wall. Insert the base in place and operate the sizing block to level and align, then stop welding the sizing block and the base and apply paint for corrosion prevention. After welding, use shrink bolts to stop the equipment base and substation base plate firmly. Welding class hours must follow the special measures for underground electric welding and strictly follow the electric welding operation ticket of the mining party

after the completion of channel steel base device, report to the supervision unit to stop acceptance

on the upper part of the cable support in the cable trench, the grounding branch line of the device is laid along the cable trench. The grounding branch line uses -404 galvanized flat iron to ensure that the welding between each cable support and the grounding branch line is stopped, and the welding length is not less than 2 times the width of the flat iron. After the welding is completed, the anti-corrosion measures are stopped on the welding surface

the normal non live metal shell of the substation distribution equipment, the steel strip and lead package of the cable should be reliably grounded. The grounding wire should be -40 4 galvanized flat iron connected to the grounding branch line in the cable trench. The grounding resistance at any point of the grounding should not exceed 2 Ω

the grounding part of electrical equipment must be connected with the grounding assembly with Lingding grounding wire, and the grounding wires of multiple electrical equipment must not be connected in series

it is strictly forbidden to use the lead sheath of metal pipes and cables as the grounding electrode

the largest and heaviest parts of the substation device are two kbsg-500/10/0.69kv explosion-proof dry-type transformers, with a single weight of about 4.5 tons and a length of 3600mm. All electrical equipment is transported to the dongmatou gate at the bottom of the auxiliary shaft through the wide cage of the auxiliary shaft, and the mining different D-type explosion-proof shovel truck is operated to be transported to the device location through the east channel of the underground central substation

before unloading in the air, stop checking the appearance of transformers and other concave convex voltage cabinets, DC screens, etc. when unloading, the equipment must be firm and firm to prevent rollover. In the process of equipment transportation, the professional driver of the mining party must drive the vehicle, and the relevant staff assisting the transportation must stand in a suitable position. It is strictly forbidden to stand in the middle of the vehicle, equipment and the roadway to prevent staff from crushing and injuring

when the shaft is promoted and transported, the relevant system of the mine must be followed, and the equipment transportation must be stopped under the placement of the mine promotion team

6.2 equipment positioning device

6.2.1 equipment positioning sequence: 5 ordinary high-voltage soft starters for mining → 1 control cabinet → 9 high-voltage cabinets → 2 DC screens → 2 transformers → 43 high-voltage cabinets → 1 quick cut assembly

6.2.2 collision and vicious vibration shall be prevented during positioning; If there is no lifting ring in the cabinet, the sling should be hung at the primary load-bearing layout at the four corners. It is strictly prohibited to form cabinet deformation or damage parts; Anti dumping measures should be adopted in the handling of large distribution cabinets

6.2.3 galvanized bolts are used to stop the connection between panels and cabinets, and the panels and cabinets are firmly connected with the channel steel base

6.2.4 the following quality standards should be applicable to the distribution cabinet devices:

before the equipment is in place, check whether the equipment is suitable for the quality standard requirements at all. If not, stop dispensing until it is suitable. Then stop the equipment positioning and leveling and alignment tasks, and it is required that the flatness error of the top surface of the two adjacent cabinets is 1mm, and the flatness error of the two adjacent cabinets is 1mm; The difference between rows of cabinets shall not exceed 5mm. The joint gap between two adjacent cabinets shall not exceed 2mm, and each cabinet shall be firmly spot welded with the basic channel steel after alignment

① when installing the device, pay attention to the position correspondence between screens, and the verticality, degree, unevenness of screen and allowable error of screen straight joint should meet the requirements of relevant standards

② the lapping of grounding wire and the connection between grounding wire and equipment shall be carried out according to relevant standards, and the laying shall be stopped according to the design

③ after the line of distribution panels are installed, the side screens at both ends should be installed and the end faces should be closed

see Table 1 ④ electrical devices on the screen for various test data. Except for the electrical appliances installed by the manufacturer, the device staff shall stop the device adjustment. The relay setting is appropriate to the design requirements and the action is reliable. The instruments and relays that have been debugged should be carefully transported to the address without vibration. Do not install the wrong position and wire, and connect firmly

⑤ after the distribution panel is installed, the panel finish should be intact

6.3 high and high voltage busbar devices

the contact surface between the busbar branch line and the branch line must be tinned, coated with electric compound grease, and the bolts must be fastened. Check with a torque wrench. The bolts, nuts, and washers used for busbar bonding must be galvanized parts. The lap length is not less than the width of the busbar, and the diameter of the connecting hole is not greater than 1mm of the bolt diameter. M12 galvanized bolts are used. The washers are complete, and the bolts expose the nut pitch. 

busbar bolt connection

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