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Safety technical measures for the installation and construction of anti-collision beams

I. project overview and main quantities

Yilan No. 3 mine is located in Dalianhe Town, Yilan County, Harbin, and the auxiliary shaft equipment project is designed by China Coal Handan Design Engineering Co., Ltd. Shaft diameter Φ It is 8.2m, 736m deep, and the absolute elevation of the wellhead is +109.000m. The roadway has been penetrated into an air intake shaft, and the mine is a high gassy mine. The installation of anti-collision beams for shaft equipment includes: 2 anti-collision beams and 4 anti-collision timbers. In order to ensure the successful installation of the anti-collision beam, this safety technical measure is specially formulated

II. Main processes and construction methods

1. Construction preparation work

1) organize the technical personnel of the project department to carefully read the design drawings, study the relevant provisions of the standard for quality inspection and evaluation of coal mine installation engineering, prepare operational and feasible construction safety technical measures and material plans, and jointly review the drawings with Party A's personnel and form records

2) according to the characteristics of the project, set up construction teams, learn safety technical measures and other relevant regulations and form records

3) be familiar with the transportation route and installation site, equipped with complete machines and tools, and install temporary electricity for construction according to the site conditions

4) clean the shaft wellhead and within 5 meters, transport all ladder accessories, construction equipment and tools to the wellhead, and stack them neatly by classification

2. Construction method

1) lowering of anti-collision beam and anti-collision wood

check the processing size of anti-collision beam and anti-corrosion condition of anti-collision wood on the ground to ensure that the anti-collision beam is not bent and twisted, draw the center line of anti-collision beam correctly, measure the lifting point and material grabbing point, and when lowering the anti-collision beam or anti-collision wood, use Φ 22.5 lock the steel wire rope sleeve firmly, lock the safety rope at the same time, lock the steel wire rope sleeve and safety rope into the steel wire rope hook head of the hoist, and use palm rope at the other end of the steel beam 9 Input voltage: exchange 380V, fasten it by 10%, and then send the hooker the lifting signal to the signalman. When the winch hook head is hoisted, slowly loosen the palm rope. After the steel beam or pillar is completely hoisted, send the hooker the stop signal to the signalman, and then untie the palm rope. After the above work is completed, send the hooker to the signalman the signal to open the well cover door, and then lower the anti-collision beam or anti-collision wood

2) first, install the -719.862m anti-collision beam with a temporary hanging plate. When installing, first put the anti-collision beam in place with a 10t stable car hook. The leveling and alignment must be leveled and braked according to the design elevation to ensure that the elevation deviation of the anti-collision beam is not more than 5mm, the levelness deviation is not more than 3 ‰, and the center of the anti-collision beam and the center line of the shaft are not more than 3mm. After all the anti-collision beams are installed, install the anti-collision wood. After the anti-collision wood bolts are tightened, the depth embedded in the anti-collision wood shall not be less than 10mm. While installing the anti-collision wood, the formwork shall be made to block the beam socket. After the steel beam in the beam socket is fixed with angle iron or round steel, the beam socket shall be sealed with wood board after washing the beam socket, and then the beam socket shall be grouted twice with concrete one level higher than the shaft wall. There are no holes and honeycombs on the surface of the beam socket. The concrete for secondary grouting shall be tested with concrete test blocks

III. safety assurance measures

1. Organize relevant personnel to conduct comprehensive and detailed inspection and identification of construction equipment and tools before construction, and resolutely prohibit the use of 2038-t4 unqualified equipment and tools

2. The safety belts that must be used for shaft operation must be subject to load test one by one, and can only be used after passing the test

3. All construction personnel must wear mine safety helmet and carry miner's lamp and self rescuer when entering the site, and wear rubber boots and waterproof clothing when working underground

4. The person in charge of construction must check all safety devices such as ropes, buckets, hooks, safety ropes, rope clips, pins, etc. before construction every day, and can work only after confirmation

5. Before construction, the sundries on the derrick, around the wellhead and in the shaft should be cleaned up. Many plastic materials that meet the green packaging can not be used in a large area; Clean, so as not to accidentally scratch or vibrate into the well and hurt people

6. During construction, non operators shall not approach or stay near the upper and lower wellhead, and simple fences shall be set around the wellhead and danger signs shall be hung

7. When personnel go up and down the bucket, they shall not rush up and down, and no part of the body shall protrude from the hanger during operation to avoid scratching during operation

8. Contact up and down and use the interphone. The signalman must hear the instructions clearly before starting. If in doubt, use the interphone to ask, and start the stable car after confirmation. Two sets of interphones are prepared, one for use and one for standby

9. All construction workers in the shaft must wear safety belts and hang them in a firm and reliable place, so that they can be hung high and used low

10. When lifting objects in the shaft, it should be under the unified command of experienced personnel. Before lifting, check whether the clips are firmly clamped and whether the ropes are firmly bound. Lifting can be carried out only after there is no problem

11. All tools used in construction should be tied with ropes, and the other end of the rope should be tied to the nearest frame

12. All construction personnel should report and deal with any potential safety hazards in a timely manner, and put an end to all illegal operations and illegal command behaviors

13. Before commencement, the construction personnel should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the whole shaft, completely remove the attachments of the shaft, and focus on the inspection of the shaft wall to see whether there are safety threats and hidden dangers, so as to take countermeasures

14. Safe use of lifting steel wire rope:

① the lifting steel wire rope should be checked by a specially assigned person, and it must be carefully checked from beginning to end before each commencement, and records must be made

② carefully check whether the hook clamp is loose; Whether the safety rope is safe and intact, and if it does not meet the regulations, it shall be handled immediately, otherwise it shall not be used. If the broken wire exceeds the specification, the wear exceeds 10% of the diameter or there is a dead bend, stop using it immediately and replace it

③ in order to reduce the friction of steel wire rope, the pulley must be fixed firmly and rotate flexibly, and special personnel should be sent to inspect it every day

④ the hooker must check the hoisting wire rope sleeve installation in advance. People have made a lot of research on the use of building materials. If they find wire breakage, dead bending, rope biting, flattening rope and other phenomena, they should immediately report to the shift leader for treatment, and they should not be used before treatment

15. Various lifting facilities and connecting devices must be inspected and tested before use to ensure that they meet the requirements before they can be put into use

16. The borehole boring personnel shall operate in strict accordance with the operation procedures of the borehole driller

17. All construction personnel must carefully study the safety technical measures

18. Other matters not covered shall strictly comply with the relevant provisions of the coal mine safety regulations

IV. construction period assurance measures

1. Management, organize a strong leading group and a first-class installation and construction team, establish a construction period objective control system, and implement the objective control of the whole staff and the whole process

2. Strengthen the construction preparation work, establish a special leading group for the preparation work, do a good job in the comprehensive balance of the preparation work, and implement the personnel, materials, equipment and non-standard parts processing plan in advance

3. Carry out comprehensive balance according to the labor plan required for construction, and provide high-quality labor resources for completing the contract tasks on schedule or in advance

4. Prepare advanced, feasible and thorough construction organization design and technical measures, and actively adopt new technologies, new processes and mature construction methods formed by our company over the years, so as to speed up the construction speed

5. Reasonably arrange the construction sequence, economically and technologically reasonable, advanced technology, ensure the project speed, high-speed, balanced construction, maximize the use of space and time, and maximize the construction period to meet the production requirements of Party A

6. Equip sufficient mechanical equipment in good condition, strengthen maintenance during construction, set up equipment package units, and implement the "cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, corrosion prevention" mechanical status maintenance operation method to ensure the normal operation of the equipment

7. Ensure the supply of materials and establish a perfect material supply system to ensure the normal construction

8. According to the requirements of the total construction period, draw up a detailed construction schedule and determine the key routes

9. According to the construction schedule and stage objectives, timely organize the mobilization of construction machinery and construction personnel, and optimize the labor combination and coordination

10. Grasp the weather changes in time, prepare seasonal construction plans, and prepare the required materials for mobilization in advance to minimize the impact of climate on the construction period

11. Strengthen the comprehensive scheduling balance in the construction of various projects, do a good job in the connection between various processes, solve the weak links, and minimize the auxiliary production time

12. Ensure the construction quality and eliminate the rework of the project

16. Organize post technical training and military training to improve the construction technical operation level of construction personnel

17. The project department formulates the reward and punishment system for the duration guarantee to control and motivate the realization of the duration goal

18. Do a good job in the maintenance of construction machines and tools to ensure that the intact rate of equipment reaches more than 98%

v. civilized construction measures

1. Hang "five boards and two diagrams" and the contents of the emergency rescue plan on the construction site

2. Establish a civilized construction system, clarify the person in charge, hang a sign for operation, and ensure that the site is clean and tidy

3. During the construction process, the construction site should be cleaned thoroughly without dirt. Make sure that the materials are clean after work and the site is cleared

4. Temporary facilities, equipment and materials on the construction site shall be stacked neatly and clearly marked according to the layout of the construction plan

5. During the installation, operation and maintenance of construction machinery, ensure that pollutants do not leak out

6. There should be enough fire-fighting equipment on site

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