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The main inclined shaft construction retains the safety technical measures for roadway maintenance work

because the main inclined shaft construction needs to retain the auxiliary inclined shaft, the first level crosscut, the second level crosscut, the concealed inclined shaft, the third level parking lot, the crosscut, the copper coal return air roadway, the return air inclined shaft and so on as ventilation, transportation and pedestrian channels, so the above roadway support must be intact in an area designed to be 90m2 during the construction of the main inclined shaft, After discussion and research by the Mining Committee, it was decided to carry out daily maintenance on the above roadway. In order to ensure the safe and smooth progress of the maintenance work, the following safety technical measures are specially formulated:

II. Construction preparation

1. Prepare 300 logs above ¢ 150mm

2. Prepare 2 air picks, 4 hand picks, 6 sharp shovels, 4 waste rakes, 2 brake drills and 30 dustpans

3. Prepare 1 local fan, 1 switch and 10 air belts

4. Prepare 3 cubic meters of backboards, firewood cutting, trees, etc

III. construction sequence and method

the drift adopts the method of replacing frame by frame from the outside to the inside, and supporting first and then withdrawing for maintenance. The inclined roadway is maintained by replacing it one by one from top to bottom and supporting it first and then withdrawing

IV. main safety measures

1. For the removal and replacement of supports in inclined tunnels, they should be carried out from top to bottom and at the same time. Before removal and replacement, the lower support timbers must be added and the top pillar must be installed. The transaction probability of the new timbers is often large. The failure analysis of the support is often carried out first, and then the old support is removed to prevent the support from being pushed down

2. Before removing and replacing the support, a solid safety baffle must be erected 5 meters below the maintenance site. A safety fence shall be set up 20 meters below the maintenance site to prevent people from being injured by rock falling

3. Before removing and replacing the support, the monitor and safety officer must knock on the top. When prying down live stones, stand in a safe place above and use long handled tools to find them. When prying down live stones, one person operates and one person views the mountain. Pedestrians are not allowed to pass through the prying top dangerous area

4. The removal and replacement of the support must start from a good place of the top plate, and it is not allowed to remove and replace it. One should be erected and one should be removed and replaced. Before turning over the shed, reinforce the support at the maintenance site; If the roof is broken, the roof shall be lifted in advance and the shed shall be turned over afterwards

5. When replacing the shed, the work shall not be suspended until one is completed, but shall be carried out continuously; If the construction cannot be carried out continuously, it must be connected to the top and sealed tightly after each work

6. When removing and replacing the support, the air and water pipelines and other equipment at the maintenance site should be safely and reliably protected before construction

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