Safety technical measures for installation of the

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Safety technical measures for coal face installation

1401 working face is located in the north of the mine. It is the first working face after the integrated construction of the well. The upper limit elevation is +1475m, the lower limit elevation is +1455, the strike length is about M, the inclination length is m, and the coal seam dip angle is 24 ~ 28 °, with an average of 26 °. The average thickness of the coal seam is 0.8m, and the recoverable reserves are about 7000 tons

coal mining method: adopt the strike longwall retreating type, adopt all caving to manage the roof, and blast the coal. The working face adopts dw10/300 single hydraulic prop support, and the prop layout is column aligned. "Three and four" rows of props manage the roof, see four loops and one, and the row spacing of pillars in the mining face is 1m, and the column spacing is 0.8m

transportation mode: sgb-420/40 scraper conveyor is used for transportation in the mining face, and sgb-420/40 scraper conveyor and dtl-500/15/15 belt conveyor are used for transportation in the transportation roadway

II. Model and quantity of equipment installed in 1401 working face:

1. Single hydraulic prop

model: dw10/300 single hydraulic prop is used, dw25/220 single hydraulic prop is used for advance support of upper and lower roadways, and dw30/220 design gap reserved for component solidification and metal replacement can reduce noise, vibration and irregularity (NVH) single hydraulic prop support

2. Scraper conveyor

model: two sgb-420/40, one for mining face and one for trough. Only by mastering the correct method can we carry out the cooperative operation of different parts

3. Belt conveyor

model: three dtl500/15/15 are installed in the transportation lane

6. Two emulsion pumps (one for standby)

model: rbw-80/20

III. water supply and drainage, air pressure system:

1. Water supply system: · introduction to carbon fiber composite processing technology

⑴ ground → track uphill → 1401 transportation lane → 1401 working face

2. Drainage system:

⑴ 1401 transportation roadway → return air uphill → main adit → ground

3. Compressed air system:

⑴ ground → track uphill → 1401 transportation lane → 1401 working face

IV. transportation route

1. Ground → track uphill → 1402 parking lot → 1402 return air lane → 1401 return air lane → 1401 eyelet

2. Ground → track uphill → 1401 parking lot → 1401 transportation lane

v. installation of scraper conveyor in transportation lane

1. During laying, it must be laid in the order of: machine head frame → transition slot → middle slot → machine tail. All screws must be aligned and tightened to connect the whole transfer machine

2. The center line of scraper conveyor and belt conveyor are in a straight line

3. The machine head must be placed correctly, and the connecting surface of the transmission device must be tight without leaving clearance

4. Chain twisting is not allowed for scraper chain

5. The chain should be moderately loose, and the looseness should not be greater than two rings

6. The oil quality and quantity shall meet the specified requirements

7. When installing the scraper chain, the convex part of the sheath should be upward, and the bolt head of the scraper chain must face the running direction of the scraper

VI. installation of single hydraulic prop

1. Installation method:

the method of installing the prop while expanding the side is adopted, that is, the cutting hole is widened to 4m clear width, and the sgb-420/40 scraper conveyor is used to ship the goods. When brushing the side, the position of a prop is enough to support in time, and the exposed top plate is supported well. When supporting the pillars, they must be pulled with lines, and the pillars must be straight, and the angle facing the mountain meets the requirements of the operation procedures

2. Installation sequence: install from bottom to top

3. Expanding method and support form:

①. Expanding method: drilling and shooting small shots are used

②. Expanding sequence: from bottom to top. According to the site conditions, each section of the roof stability section is not more than 4.0m, and each section of the roof fragmentation section is not more than 2 M

③. Expansion depth: each expansion shall not exceed 1.0m, and the clear height shall be excavated along the roof of the coal seam

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