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Safety technical measures for the initial mining of the mining face

now a mining face has entered the production stage. In order to ensure the safety of the food after the initial mining of the mining face is a key area of regulation in China at present and even in the next few years, the following safety technical measures are specially prepared, and please follow them

I. General requirements:

1. Sufficient basic support materials such as external injection monomer hydraulic prop, flip board, straw shoe board, etc. must be prepared on site. Equipment and facilities shall be installed and prepared before mining

2. Before entering the working face, the duty team leader, the safety gas inspector and the team leader shall conduct a detailed inspection on the support of the working face and the upper and lower roadways, timely remove the dangerous gangue and live rock, and allow the workers to enter the coal mining face after confirming that there is no safety risk

3. Operators must do a good job in independent security and mutual security. Before operation, the roof and support within the scope of operation must be checked first, and the pumice must be placed first and then supported. Operation is not allowed if the support is not done well. In the process of operation, operators must concentrate, knock on the top at any time, remind each other of safety, and adhere to regular safety calls

4. During the initial mining of the coal mining face, the basic support materials in the opening hole must be complete, and the metal support must be added at the broken part of the roof. If there is a danger to the safety, here are some ways to avoid rats: the hidden dangers of must be dealt with in time, and can be put into production only on the premise of safety

5. Strengthen the support quality, and strictly supervise and inspect the personnel on duty and the Anwa personnel to prevent the roof steps from sinking and sinking slowly

6. The air volume must be guaranteed during the initial mining process; The duty team leader and the Anwa officer are responsible for safety on site

7. During the initial mining period, there must be relevant personnel from the safety department, production technology department and other departments to follow the shift in turn. When following the shift to the goaf for the first time, three reports must be made to the mine control room

II. Organizational measures

1. Establish the preliminary mining leading group:

group leader: Tan Qiangui

Deputy Group Leaders: Zhang Yilin, Peng Weihong, Li Fangwei

members: Wang Jianming, Huang Yi, Li Yuanjin, ran Guangjun, Li Fangshu, Li Jiajun, Qin Xulin, Chen Tao, Li Shunhua, Ma Xiaobo, Jiang Li and all the team leaders of the coal mining team

2. Group responsibilities:

1. Lead, organize and coordinate the initial mining work of a mining face

2. Study and deal with the problems existing in the initial mining process of the working face

3. Implementation of supervision and inspection measures

III. safety technical measures for initial mining of mining face:

1. The wooden pillars of the working face must be replaced with single pillars before the bench can be arranged. When the bench is arranged, it must be supported while mining

2. All pillars must see the top and bottom, and it is strictly forbidden to mix them with floating coal and gangue

3. During initial mining, the coal wall, pillar and chute should be straight first

4. During the first roof caving, five times and one time can be implemented in the mining face, that is, 4 ~ 5 rows of roof control, so as to ensure the smooth progress of roof caving

5. When the roof activity is intense, all personnel of the mining face must stop working. In the process of the development and development of the electro-hydraulic servo news universal series experimental machine, draw on the development and manufacturing experience of the international famous electro-hydraulic servo dynamic experimental machine company, withdraw from the mining face to a safe place. After the roof plate is stable, the duty team leader and the Anwa staff must first enter the mining face to observe the roof and support conditions, and confirm that there is no safety danger, Workers are allowed to enter the mining face again to resume operation

6. The environment of the operation area must be observed at any time, and the system of knocking on the top must be strictly implemented

7. This measure shall be implemented together with the operation procedure of a mining face

8. During the initial mining of a mining face, the members of the leading group must follow the schedule of the initial mining team to the site, master the progress of the initial mining work and the safety status of the top and bottom plates and supports on site, supervise and urge the implementation of this measure, and timely solve various specific problems encountered in the initial mining process. In case of major problems, it really reflects this kind of situation, and report it in time. The team leader shall convene a special meeting to study and solve it in time, To ensure the safety and smoothness of the initial mining

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