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Timken Zhanyi aviation market

Guide: taking advantage of this development opportunity, Timken (nyse: TKR) has been developing steadily in the aviation business field. Recently, at the 2011 International helicopter show held in Orlando, Florida, the United States, Timken Corporation (nyse: TKR) demonstrated its representative industry-leading aviation accessories products and service capabilities. Among the company's products on display this time

adhering to the steady development in the aviation business field, Timken Company (nyse: TKR) recently demonstrated its representative industry-leading aviation accessories products and service capabilities at the "2011 International helicopter show" held in Orlando, Florida, USA

among the company's products on display this time, there are 28 new accessories that have recently passed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification and are suitable for a variety of helicopter powertrain and engine platforms. Timken has been able to provide more than 1600 FAA certified aviation accessories

Timken has long been committed to expanding its capabilities in the aviation field. Major investment initiatives in recent years include the establishment of an aviation and precision product factory in Chengdu, China, serving the global aviation market. Since it was put into operation in 2008, the factory mainly produces precision ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings for aircraft engines, transmission devices, gearboxes, aviation accessories and other systems. Timken has always been committed to establishing a comprehensive product and after-sales market service system that can provide diversified and leading competitiveness. This investment is based on this strategy to vigorously promote the company's pace of expanding the Asian market

the rapid development of China's domestic aviation market provides a broad space for Timken to expand in this field. At the end of 2010, the Chinese government announced that it would gradually open low altitude airspace, making China's general aviation market enter a period of rapid growth. Here, Timken made a high-profile appearance at the Zhuhai international air show. At this international professional air show approved by the Chinese government, it showed its high-quality aviation products and technology. The exhibits from Chengdu factory also became one of the highlights of the whole exhibition

"the expansion of Timken's technology and product strength in the aviation field enables us to better provide Chinese customers with a full range of products and services, so as to better serve the local market of China." Fengshilong, President of Timken China, said

Timken provides a wide range of solutions for the aviation industry, including in-depth repair and manufacturing of precision bearings, helicopter transmission systems, key engine parts, reliable replacement parts, and comprehensive bearing testing and overhaul services. In China, relevant products have been applied to ARJ21 "Xiangfeng" aircraft and "Xinzhou 60" aircraft

"Timken is committed to providing comprehensive high-quality precision parts products to ensure the safe flight of aircraft." Tang Bowen, general manager of Timken's aviation, medical and positioning control business in Greater China, said, "Timken needs to measure the gauge length Lu after fracture and the minimum diameter Du at the necking point respectively. The extensive knowledge and advanced technical capabilities accumulated by the aviation business of Timken in the original equipment production and after-sales market will bring distinctive high added value to our customers."

Mr. Tang Bowen recently assumed his new position to promote the business growth of the company in the fields of aviation, medical treatment and positioning control in China. Previously, he was in the aviation business leader to check whether the universal tensile test motor source indicator light was on; Check whether it is online after 10s of restart; Check whether the communication line between the experimental machine and the computer is connected normally; Check whether the USB hardware driver is normal in the equipment manager. He has accumulated rich knowledge and experience and has served as a leader in production and market. Before accepting this new appointment, Tang Bowen served as the general manager of Timken (Chengdu) aviation and precision products Co., Ltd

about Timken Company

Timken Company (nyse: TKR), keeps the world running. Its innovative friction management and power transmission products and services are the key to help the continuous working machinery and equipment to achieve efficient and reliable operation. Timken Company's global sales in 2010 reached US $4.1 billion, with operating agencies in 27 countries and about 20000 employees, which is your best choice to improve work performance (where you turn)

For more than 110 years, Timken has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and energy efficiency in the R & D and production of bearings, power transmission and special alloy steel. The company has extensive professional knowledge in the field of high-performance materials and energy-efficient power transmission, which are widely used in many important industries such as infrastructure construction, energy, aviation and so on. The Asia Pacific headquarters of the company is located in Shanghai. In Greater China, the company has six large manufacturing bases, offices at all levels in 13 major cities, and has established a number of logistics, engineering and service centers. At present, the company has more than 4000 employees in the region

in order to better provide comprehensive services to customers at home and abroad, the company has also established two business entities serving the after-sales market, providing one-stop sales services of high-end power transmission products and comprehensive maintenance solutions respectively. The company has also set up an engineering technology training center in China. While continuously strengthening its professional strength, it actively divides with Chinese customers, mainly bleached coniferous wood pulp and bleached hardwood pulp, and enjoys the professional experience and knowledge accumulated by the company for a long time

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