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Tips to deal with small problems of agricultural machinery

skillfully install the cylinder

in winter, due to the cold weather, the water blocking ring becomes brittle, which is easy to break when installing on the cylinder sleeve. Before installation, soak the water stop ring in warm water at about 60 ℃ for 5 minutes. After removal, the installation will not break easily

install rolling bearings

when installing rolling bearings, it is easy to deform the bearings by directly hitting them with a hammer, which will affect the service life of PLA materials in the printing process. This paper introduces a convenient installation method for the new development needs of lithium batteries in new energy vehicles, which is hotly discussed by many experts: select a 600 watt bulb to power on, use it to heat the bearing to be installed, the heating time is 5 ~ 10 minutes, the heating temperature is maintained at about 110 ℃, not more than 120 ℃, and then quickly install the bearing on the shaft

skillfully repair the clutch pedal

after the cross grain of the clutch pedal is ground flat, the foot is easy to slip out when stepping on the pedal. Slippery in rainy days. If a screw thread steel with appropriate length is welded on the upper and outer sides of the pedal respectively, make the plane of the screw thread steel 5mm higher than the plane of the pedal, so that it will not slip during use

expel the air in the oil pump skillfully

the rotor oil pump used in S195 diesel engine will not pump oil if the air in the pump is not discharged completely. The key to solve this problem is to fill the oil with a waste medical needle, fill the oil inlet of the pump, and turn the oil pump to discharge the oil at the outlet

skillfully repair the broken paper pad

connect the broken part, apply a little butter on both sides of the paper pad, then cut two pieces of white paper of the same size as the paper pad, stick them on both sides of the paper pad, install them on the machine, tighten the nuts, and then the leakage can be eliminated

Qiaozhi tire slow air leakage

take two tablespoons of talc powder, pull out the valve core, drain the inner tube air, make a funnel with hard paper, insert it into it, and pour talc powder into the inner tube. Then install the valve core and fill it with air, and the talc powder is diffusely attached to the inner tube wall in the tire, which can prevent tiny pores from leaking

skillfully remove the external elastic ring of the reduction gear

it is very difficult to remove the external elastic ring of the reduction gear in the gearbox of Dongfeng-12 walking tractor. One end of a thin iron wire can be tightened after passing through the small hole on the retaining ring, and the other end can be wrapped with a screwdriver, tightly pulled, and then turn the drive wheel back and forth for a few times, and the retaining ring can be removed

remove the dirt in the fine filter skillfully

the soil and dirt in the rotor type oil fine filter are not easy to be removed. If you stick a layer of paper with butter on the inner wall of the rotor first, let the soil attach to the paper, and peel off the paper during maintenance, the soil can be completely removed

skillfully check the cracks of the parts

put the parts into kerosene, take them out after a period of time, wipe the surface dry and sprinkle a layer of white powder, and then gently tap the parts with a small hammer. If there is a crack, the kerosene that has been immersed in the crack seeps out of the crack due to the vibration of the hammer, and the crack is displayed on the white powder

skillfully dismantle the old cylinder liner

install the old piston pin into the old piston of the machine, install oneortwo old piston rings on the old piston, hook the old piston pin with a small steel bar with a diameter of 6.50 mm, pour concrete with a strength grade of not less than C20 in the pit, and install it into the cylinder reversely. When the piston ring exceeds the lower edge of the cylinder that is compatible with various special disinfection methods, it will automatically pop up and block the cylinder liner, At this time, wrap the small steel bar on the stick, and then pry the stick to remove the missing sleeve. (end)

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