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Timken and Taiyuan Heavy Industry jointly seek development

Timken and Taiyuan Heavy Industry jointly seek development

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Guide: China, Shanghai, June 7, 2010 Timken Company (nyse:tkr) recently announced that it provided bearing product solutions to Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taiyuan Heavy Industry), It has been successfully tested on the world's largest wk-55 mining excavator produced by Taiyuan Heavy Industry

Shanghai, China - June 7, 2010 - Timken Company (nyse:tkr) recently announced that the bearing product solution it provided to Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taiyuan Heavy Industry") has been successfully tested on the world's largest wk-55 mining excavator produced by Taiyuan Heavy Industry for more than a year. This year, the two sides will further strengthen cooperation in this field to better meet the needs of market business development

through in-depth analysis of the working conditions and mechanical performance of wk-55 mining excavator, Timken Company has provided a combination solution including many different types of tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and self-aligning roller bearings. These products are mainly used in key parts such as walking, lifting and slewing mechanisms of wk-55 mining excavator. In the open-air test run of Pingshuo mining area of China coal energy company for more than a year, wk-55 mining excavator has withstood the test of harsh working conditions and has excellent performance indicators. Among them, the excellent performance of Timken high-performance bearing products effectively ensures the smooth operation of the machine

The wk-55 mining excavator is suitable for the stripping, mining and loading of large open-pit mines, iron mines and non-ferrous metal mines of more than 20million tons, and can meet the mining conditions of various open-pit mines in the world today. The successful development and trial use of this equipment is an important milestone in the development of large-scale open-pit equipment in China

"As early as a few years ago, we began our business cooperation with Taiyuan Heavy Industry. In the process of providing solutions for wk-55 mining excavator, the professional engineering and technical team of Timken Company overcame multiple technical problems and provided Taiyuan Heavy Industry with a set of customized solutions, thus laying a solid foundation for the successful trial operation of the equipment for more than a year. We provide another way for this cooperation between the two sides to clamp the sample We are very happy that the end-to-end relationship has been consolidated and strengthened through the successful trial of wk-55 mining excavator. " Mr. fengshilong, President of Timken China, said, "we hope to further boost the development of China's construction machinery industry with high-quality Timken products."

Timken provides a wide range of friction management and power transmission solutions, including tapered roller bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and sealing and lubricating products used in mining equipment and engineering machinery

about Timken Company

whether in China or around the world, Timken Company, with a history of more than 110 years, has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and energy efficiency in the R & D and production of bearings, power transmission and special alloy steel products. Timken's high-quality products and solutions are widely used in many industries to help machinery around the world run smoothly in a clean and energy-saving way. Since 1992, Timken has always insisted on introducing advanced products, technologies and innovative ideas into China. The company has set up offices at all levels in 10 major cities in Greater China, established 6 large-scale manufacturing bases with stronger and tougher materials, 1 distribution company of high-end power transmission products that provides one-stop sales services, and multiple logistics and service centers, which are committed to serving domestic and international customers. The China Engineering Technology Training Center established by the company is not only used to train its own professional engineering forces, but also to share cutting-edge knowledge and technology with Chinese customers, so that customers can benefit from the company's more than 100 years of professional experience, including advanced metallurgical technology and steel manufacturing capacity

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