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The spare warehouse of tire enterprises before the festival is busy

"since this week, the price of natural rubber in China has been weak, and we have also imported a batch of raw materials." A person in charge of the procurement department of a tire enterprise told that the futures price of Tianjiao had fallen continuously, and the spot price had also loosened. At the same time, it was approaching the National Day holiday. The company's recent procurement was also intended to prepare goods before realizing the closed-loop control of the system for the production after the holiday

obviously, there are not a few tire enterprises with similar ideas. A senior industry personage confirmed that after the sharp fall of domestic Tianjiao futures on Tuesday (20th), the low-level buying in the spot market became active again, and some tire enterprises did tensile tests on ribbed steel and other bars; Universal tensile testing machine, round sample jaw 26 (4) 0mm1 pair, suitable for tensile tests of round steel, ribbed steel and other bars with a diameter of 26 (4) 0mm; The wait-and-see sentiment in the market has also weakened since the start of purchasing raw materials

relying on the existing industrial base, it is obvious that the replenishment behavior of tire enterprises also supports the spot price of Tianjiao period. On the 21st, the main 1201 contract of Tianjiao in the previous period came out of the V-shaped reverse market. In the spot market, the price of No. 20 standard rubber for tires rose slightly, and most downstream manufacturers waited and saw, and their purchase intention was not strong

"replenishing inventory before the National Day holiday is a habitual action of tire enterprises." Chen Zhangzhu, an analyst at China International Futures, believes that after the fourth quarter, the domestic automobile production and sales will usher in the peak season, and the demand for natural rubber raw materials by the enterprises whose tire production fixture center coincides with the swing frame center will also expand, so it is natural to prepare goods in advance

Fu Bing, manager of Ningbo Shanshan products and rubber trade department, said that since August, the situation of the domestic tire industry has been significantly better than that in June and July before, both in terms of domestic sales and exports. The strong demand for downstream raw materials also supports the price of natural rubber, which is also the reason for the relatively strong spot price in the near future

for the tire industry, the National Day holiday seems to be a "barrier". On the one hand, the peak sales season after the fourth quarter is expected, but on the other hand, the fluctuations in the price of natural rubber make it difficult to let go

"at present, there are many people who dare to buy after falling, but their willingness to catch up is not strong." Chen Zhangzhu told futures that the cautious attitude of downstream enterprises was mainly due to concerns about macroeconomic uncertainty. At present, the new trend of the European debt crisis and the market rescue policy, the decision of the Federal Reserve interest rate meeting is still unknown, and downstream enterprises will be very cautious to replenish inventory. In addition, at present, bank credit is relatively difficult, and the capital situation of downstream enterprises is still relatively tight, which also restricts the scale of tire enterprises when replenishing the warehouse

"although the current market trend is uncertain, tire enterprises should consider bargain hunting." The above-mentioned senior industry insiders believe that since this year, the price of natural rubber has been fluctuating at a high level, the inventory level of raw materials in the domestic tire industry is generally low, and the internal motivation to replenish the stock is strong. At the same time, after a round of sharp rise, the price center of natural rubber has moved up significantly, and the acceptance of the current price range of the tire industry is improving. In addition, September to October is the off-season of supply and peak consumption season, with strong prices over the years. It is recommended that downstream production enterprises buy on bargain hunting

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