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Xunshi released the hotel industry solution 2.0

Jinjiang International has 1million rooms, the market value of Huazhu group has exceeded 10 billion US dollars, and Alibaba launched the hotel fever of unattended hotels in recent years. What do you think

Xunshi, a new generation of smart communication integration communication solution provider, combined with more than ten years of hotel project implementation experience, upgraded and released the hotel industry solution 2.0 based on the original hotel industry solution 1.0 and combined with the latest products and technologies

1. Tourism and the hotel market soared together, seizing the opportunity to win voice dividends

the Ministry of culture and tourism released data showing that in 2018, the number of domestic tourists was 5.539 billion, the total number of inbound and outbound tourists was 291million, and the total annual tourism revenue was 5.97 trillion yuan. China's tourism industry has entered the era of mass tourism

as an important part of the tourism industry, the hotel industry is in a rising golden stage of development with the vigorous development of the tourism industry

the 2018 report on the development of China's major accommodation industry shows that by the end of 2017, most of the experimental personnel lacked protection experience. The total number of facilities in the national accommodation industry was 457834, and the total size of guest rooms was 16770394

among them, there are 317476 hotel accommodation facilities (15 rooms), with a total of 15480813 rooms, and the average size of rooms is about 49. The number of hotel accommodation facilities and rooms account for 69% and 92% of China's accommodation industry respectively

assuming that there is at least one telephone in each room and at least one front desk in each store, the demand for living in the medical surgery and accommodation industry is at least 20million

facing such a large market scale, how should we seize this opportunity? For this reason, the proposition put forward by Xunshi is to provide a complete IP convergence communication scheme for different types of hotels according to store conditions

2. According to the conditions of the hotel, provide a complete IP converged communication solution for different types of hotels

Xunshi Hotel IP converged communication solution, with OM series IP system as the core, supporting voice switch, IP phone, computer/pc client, etc., integrating voice, video, mobile and other communication technologies into the business and process of the hotel, And it is interconnected with mainstream hotel management systems (zhongruan, xiruan, Qianlima, Lvyun, Oprea, Fidelio, etc.) to provide a complete solution for the hotel

according to industry practice, hotel groups are divided into four grades: luxury (five-star), high-end (four-star), middle end (three-star), and economic (two-star and below)

combined with their common points in IP voice communication, the IP fusion communication scheme of Xunshi hotel is divided into three categories: high star hotels (four stars and five stars), small and medium-sized hotels (three stars and below), and chain hotels

no matter what type of hotel, Xunshi can provide rich hotel functions and hotel business management functions

rich hotel functions

intelligent switchboard, call queuing, multilingual welcome words/multi-level IVR navigation, VIP customer call through, background music/waiting music, one double machine/one room multi machine, recording, message lighting, intelligent transfer, voice group, mobile extension, outbound call right limit, office did, ONU registration Emergency broadcast

rich hotel business management

with its own economical PMS and open liquor management interface PMS, these high-molecular chains are naturally curled in the toothpaste tube. The hotel solution of Xunshi can provide the following liquor management functions: check-in/check-out service, wake-up service, billing service, permission setting, room service, night service

3. The era of smart hotel is coming, hand in hand with AI, IOT Robot manufacturers jointly empower the hotel industry

with the application of AI (Artificial Intelligence), IOT (Internet of things), Internet and other technologies in the hotel scene, the hotel has become more and more intelligent: face brushing check-in, intelligent robot service, intelligent door lock, intelligent guest room, all these are not science fiction films, and every scene can be realized now

Xunshi also took the lead in this regard, and jointly launched three innovative applications, including hotel intelligent customer service, hotel errand robot, and hotel intelligent terminal

hotel intelligent customer service: the Xunshi voice AI communication platform cooperates with iFLYTEK AI engine to obtain customer business information through docking with the hotel PMS system, so as to realize self-service functions such as check-in/renewal confirmation, wake-up service, reservation consultation, etc

Hotel errand robot: the errand robot places goods in its belly, sends them to the hotel room by self-service, automatically calls the room, and broadcasts the pick-up code to realize guests' independent pick-up

hotel intelligent terminal: smart speakers are placed in hotel rooms to replace traditional phones and realize traditional functions such as room dialing, calling the front desk, outbound calling, etc

at present, the solution of Xunshi hotel industry has been successfully implemented in many hotels across the country. Please pay attention to the following articles about the specific structure and features of the scheme

about Xunshi

Shanghai Xunshi communication equipment Co., Ltd. (new rock technologies, Inc.) is a new generation of smart communication convergence communication solution provider. Since its establishment in 2003, Xunshi has always taken research and development as the core, adhered to independent innovation, and is committed to providing advanced smart communication products and solutions for the majority of telecom operators, governments, enterprises and other customers to effectively ensure the smoothness of the friction and wear testing machine in normal use. Including: IP Switch (IP-PBX), voice switch, digital relay switch, IP phone, enterprise SBC, app, computer client and other products, as well as recording, conference, group, mobile office, AI intelligent interaction and other solutions

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