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UV curing paint gives products special packaging effect (Figure)

UV curing paint gives products special packaging effect (Figure)

September 13, 2004

in cosmetics, perfume and personal care products, the style of packaging is as important as the function of the product. Products must be eye-catching on the shelf, so UV curing coating plays a very important role in the packaging of these products

L3. Most of them are oil leaks from the working cylinder. Due to seasonal changes or changes in indoor temperature, it is necessary to replace high-grade engine oil to solve the problem. Ombardi uses UV curing paint to treat Estee é Lauder packaging

ordinary consumers will not be surprised by the beautiful pearlescent surface of the perfume bottle she uses, nor will they pay too much attention to the mercerization on the surface of the shampoo bottle and the dazzling luster of the eyelash stick, but this is the product of the paint industry. Many of these products are UV curing coatings, which not only provide protection, but also give products a beautiful appearance

Dennis bacchetta, marketing manager of diamond packaging, said that in order to make the surface packaging more attractive, UV curing coatings are playing a dual role. The company is a carton manufacturer located in Rochester, New York. At present, the enterprise is cooperating with several customers to produce inks and coatings with pearlescent and flickering effects using UV Solid 4 ball friction and wear tester software control system, which is divided into different functional technologies. Bacchetta also said, "UV curable coatings are the products that can produce the above effects most at present. These special UV curable inks and coatings have strong decoration and good scrub resistance."

with the increase of market demand for special paper, such as metal foil with holographic image, multilayer composite paper, metal plated paper and paper with rich texture, the application of UV coating in the market also increases correspondingly, because UV coating can be coated on the surface of these products during the printing process

In 2025, diamond also used UV curing paint to produce various special effects on the surface of plastic packaging boxes. For example, for new Dana perfume company, the company also developed a suitable high temperature (TG 200 ℃) epoxy resin system for mass production of carbon fiber reinforced wheels, and introduced the smell of Dana perfume into the plastic packaging. According to bacchetta, UV curable coatings give plastic substrates a hard, scrub resistant surface

diamond uses uvpaint on plastic packaging to maintain the perfume smell of new Dana and prevent scratching

diamond's technology and quality director David Rydell also talked about the benefits of UV curing technology to the environment. Rydell said, "they are 100% reactive and almost solvent-free. When irradiated with UV light, this coating (or ink) will be 100% cured and produce very little VOC."

color optics is a company located in the sad brook District of New Jersey. Its business is to provide services for the printing industry and provide printing and packaging. The company has also begun to use UV curing coatings

C. Stuart Howell, President of the company, added: "although UV curing coatings and inks are expensive, they can meet the requirements of coating on the surface of special substrates such as metal sheets. It is difficult to paint these substrates with satisfactory results with traditional products."

uv curing paint plays a role in the surface beauty of cosmetic containers, such as eyelash oil vials, lipstick sleeves, powder boxes, and many vials and cans

Carl Lombardi, President of Lombardi design and processing company, said, "in general, UV curing coating plays an important role in protecting the plastic molding materials we produce, which makes the appearance, feel and integrity of the products better." Located in Freeport, New Jersey, the company provides extrusion molding packaging materials and other products for the cosmetics and perfume industries. Lombardi explained, "many plastic packaging products of cosmetics are easy to be scratched or have compatibility problems with products. Therefore, after using UV curing paint to treat the vulnerable parts, these packaging products can withstand the harsh environment day after day without appearance damage."

lombardi often uses UV curing coatings to treat products, especially small packages of cosmetics. Lombardi added: "these small packaged products are often in harsh application environments, such as in handbags and special cosmetic boxes, and they are often hit by sharp objects such as keys and so on. This causes surface scratches and damage. After spraying UV curing paint, these products can maintain a longer time of beauty, which is very necessary for high-end cosmetics."

uv curing coatings also play a very important role in protecting plastic parts coated with metal like coatings. Lombardi said, "the varnish on the surface of these components is vulnerable to chemical corrosion. Therefore, we spray a layer of UV curing paint on their surface to make the products more resistant to chemical corrosion and scratching."

many eyelash brush rods produced by henopen branch of techpack CMI group in New York are coated with UV curing paint to improve the abrasion resistance of products. Cathy Alex, the company's sales director, said, "this high-end coating can also make the product have the effect of pearlescent and metal."

alex knows that although UV curing coating increases the product cost, it is really worth the money. "Although it increases the cost and process, it is still cheaper than products made of metal. UV curing paint can also cover some defects on the surface of molded products, such as stripes and scratches."

crown Risdon of water, Conn., decorates its plastic products with UV curable paint at its Barre plant in Ontario. The company needs UV curing coating that can produce fine and metallic luster on polypropylene substrate. The coating also requires that it can not be damaged in the process of component splicing, but does not need a processing process that can resist heating and stamping

UV curing coating meets the above requirements. Tod Chamberlain, product manager of Barre factory, said, "after the UV coating is cured, the product is best to dry for another 24 hours. The coating meets all our requirements."

inoac is a manufacturer of extrusion molded products located in Bardstown, Cayman Islands, mainly producing plastic bottles. They are also advocates of UV technology. Paul Horgan, the company's vice president of sales, said, "we use UV curing paint to protect our products from scratches and abrasion, so as to avoid frost like impact marks. The packaging bottles are sprayed with UV curing paint after extrusion. Compared with the traditional heating curing paint, the biggest advantage of choosing UV curing paint is that the production process is fast."

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