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On January 21, heads of branches (special committees) of China Rubber Industry Association visited the China tire city in Haining, Zhejiang Province, which is under construction. The city will open in October this year. Upon completion, it will become Asia's largest tire Product Expo and procurement center and industrial service center with centralized enterprises, complete product categories, low procurement costs and complete supporting facilities

gb/t 2101-2008 (general provisions for acceptance, packaging, marking and quality certificate of section steel); It is reported that China tire city will establish a direct cooperative relationship with tire manufacturers, and establish a perfect marketing network with secondary and tertiary markets. It will also build a tire City, establish a procurement center and a global e-commerce platform, a complete tire database, one-stop logistics management, and the largest network platform in the tire industry. Experts believe that Haining China tire City integrates information, trading, warehousing, logistics, settlement and networking. It is an innovation of the traditional tire marketing model, which is worth studying, discussing and promoting, and is expected to create a new tire marketing model with Chinese characteristics

China tire city is located in Haining LIANHANG Economic Zone, Zhejiang Province, with a total investment of 1billion yuan. Its construction revolves around the five functional sections of the four districts of one heart: one heart is the information trading center, with information trading and e-commerce as the center, and is the core of the whole base. The four zones refer to the four functional zones of the tire city. The first is the product exhibition area - the first tire city of China in Haining, which has entered the stage of internal decoration; The second is the special freight line area, which starts trial operation from May to June this year. In July, a freight distribution center supporting the tire city can be formed, which can radiate nearly the whole Zhejiang Province and far beyond Zhejiang Province; The third is the storage supporting area, which establishes a high-standard three-dimensional warehouse trusteeship, combines the two modes of ordinary bar code management (RF Management) and RFID Management Based on electronic chips, and will realize electronic tracking in the future tire sales process. If there is burr or damage in each tire, it should immediately test the three parts of the test area to replace the oil box tire until it is scrapped, which can be tracked; Fourth, business supporting area. In addition, 200 mu of land is reserved for the automobile industrial park

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