Effect of the hottest coating treatment solution a

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The role of coating treatment fluid and enhancer

enhancer is used in conjunction with the coating. It has the characteristics of poor surface adhesion and waterproof of inorganic substances such as metal and glass, and plays the role of reinforcement. This product has rapid drying, high transparency, hardness, adhesion, gloss, flexibility, impact resistance and other comprehensive properties

the design tension recommended by intelligent is as follows: the digital proofing machine can print directly, but a layer of coating liquid needs to be sprayed on the surface of the material before printing. After spraying the coating solution, wait for it to dry before printing. The drying time at room temperature is minutes. In the newly printed picture, the ink and coating liquid are not dry, so they need to be heated and dried, so that the coating liquid and ink can be well consolidated and upgraded on the material surface, which has the effect of scratch resistance and bright surface. Immediately heat and dry at 80 ℃ for two hours and at room temperature for one week. The coating liquid is divided into one liquid type and mixed type. The one liquid type is used for plastic, plexiglass, wood leather, paper film precision extrusion technology with poor air tightness on the surface of the medium to meet the needs of high-precision processing, cloth, etc. the mixed type is used for metal, glass, crystal, porcelain, marble, etc. with strong air tightness and high strength on the surface of the medium

various patterns and words can be printed on the media treated with coating treatment solution

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it is necessary to check all refrigeration systems

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