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Tips for maintenance: did you get caught in the 7 autumn truck maintenance misunderstandings

as the saying goes, "three parts for maintenance and seven parts for maintenance", especially in the alternate seasons of summer and autumn, your love card should be well maintained. But sometimes, you may inadvertently walk into the misunderstanding of maintenance. "Xiaohong" summarizes seven misunderstandings of truck autumn maintenance for you. Card friends, are you lying on the gun

myth 1: it's cool in autumn. There is no need to clean and maintain the air conditioner.

because the weather is dry in autumn, coupled with the high frequency of using the air conditioner in summer, some dirt, dust and bacteria will breed and deposit in the air conditioning pipeline. If not cleaned in time, it will lead to poor cooling effect, small air volume and other problems of the air conditioner, and even air conditioning system failure

at the same time, the good air quality in the cab mainly depends on the air conditioning filter, so it should be cleaned and replaced regularly

Myth 2: the tire pressure is the same all year round

high temperature in summer, in order to prevent tire burst caused by excessive tire pressure, the tire pressure will be released a little. When the temperature drops in autumn, the tire pressure should be supplemented accordingly

at the same time, if you find that the tire surface is seriously worn, you should also replace the tire in time

myth 3: ignore the maintenance of the battery

summer and autumn alternate. If you find that there is green oxide at the electrode wiring, you must be vigilant, because this will cause the generator to generate less power. We not only pay enough attention to environmental protection, so that the battery is in a state of power loss, and in serious cases, it will cause the battery to be scrapped early, or you can't get a taxi

in winter, the power consumption in the car is large. When the battery discharge is more than 25%, we should use the colorful colors to explore the charm of nature to charge, otherwise it will seriously shorten the battery, not only do we not expand the production capacity and life

at the same time, check whether the electrolytic liquid level is at the specified position. If it is insufficient, it is necessary to add battery replenishment liquid in time to ensure the normal operation of the battery

myth 3: start cleaning the car body with a rag casually.

do not use a hard brush or dirty rag on the car body, so as to avoid deep cracks in the varnish layer and stains on external plastic parts. Plastic parts such as sunshades can only be cleaned with neutral soap and water

for interior cleaning, you can use a soft brush to remove the dust on the seats and fabric parts, or you can use dry foam and solvent for deeper cleaning

regularly clean the windshield to remove grease, dirt, dust and tar, so that the service life of the wiper will be longer

myth 4: ignore the maintenance of spark plugs

the ignition system is related to whether the vehicle can start. When entering the autumn, you should carefully check these parts, especially some plug parts, to see if they are rusty. Once rusty, you need to use professional cleaning agents to achieve the best effect

the ignition system is related to whether the vehicle can be started. When entering the autumn, you should carefully check these parts, especially some plug parts, to see whether they are rusty.

myth 5: replace antifreeze with water

some card friends like to replace antifreeze with water when replenishing or adding antifreeze in summer. This practice has no problem on the surface, but once the temperature drops suddenly, It is likely to affect the normal operation of the vehicle cooling system, and may even freeze

in autumn, you should often check the engine oil, brake oil and antifreeze in the engine compartment to see whether the oil is sufficient, whether it has deteriorated, and whether the main machine of this set of device is connected with the workbench through columns and ball screws to form a rigid floor frame structure. It is time for replacement

myth 6: the oil is not replaced in time

the oil is called the "blood" of the engine, which shows its importance. General engine oil can be used in summer and winter; Ordinary engine oil should be divided into winter oil and summer oil, which should be replaced in time

the special engine oil of the brand should be added in strict accordance with the requirements of the "automobile manual" of its own model

the more expensive the engine oil is, the better. The special engine oil of this brand should be added in strict accordance with the requirements of the vehicle manual of your own model

the oil is classified by "W" according to viscosity, 0W, 5W, 10W, etc. the lower the number, the thinner the oil, and the more suitable for use in autumn and winter

in fact, it is not difficult to maintain your car. As long as you check more and avoid misunderstandings in maintenance, you can run and transport all the way, better enjoy the cool autumn and welcome the cold winter

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