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"Tinker" Ren Bo: melt his glass world with a lamp

some people are born very stubborn. They have been infatuated with something for decades and grope forward in their own way. Knowing the hardships of each step, he would desperately seize every opportunity! The world he faced was like the flame in front of him. Although the light was limited, it melted a little in his hands, shaping his own blue sky

some time ago, he received Ren Bo. He was very excited to say that he participated in the "Lantern Art Festival" in Hejian this time and learned some new techniques from foreign artists. Every time he talked about Lantern work, especially the new technological gadgets, he would be very happy, which came from the bottom of his heart. Sometimes, I can even imagine from his voice that he is a teenager and has just learned to work as a light worker. For nearly 30 years, he didn't feel boring. Instead, he felt that breakthroughs in technology often brought him a lot of fun

and Ren Bo got to know each other in the late autumn of 2014. At that time, official account had just been established for more than half a year. After receiving his message backstage, they added it to each other. The first time we met was in Zhangdian, Zibo. As soon as we got out of the bus, we recognized each other at the first sight. Until now, I'm still impressed. He showed me some of his previous works, including small pendants, and some of his own handicrafts. He said he was applying for a patent. He asked me how about it? I was very excited when I saw the glasses he took out. Through his introduction to myself, I said that these things of yours were very good for lighting crafts, and you have so many years of craft experience, so you can be very confident! Later, he told me that these words inspired him. This is the Afterword

the first time I met, I just had a quick lunch together. In the afternoon, I went to Zhenhua glass factory in Zichuan and stayed at Zhou Bing's house in the evening. At that time, he was still working as a designer in Zhenhua. The next morning, I set out for a glass processing factory in chishang Town, Zibo. My friends from the factory left me for lunch at home, and then set out for Ren Bo's studio in Yiyuan. There is no direct bus from chishang to Yiyuan, so I have to take a chance to take a free ride. At this time, it began to drizzle. After waiting for half an hour on the roadside, a van was finally stopped. The scenery on the road is particularly beautiful, and the fog and water vapor selectively remove the mountain road covered by aluminum, as if to a paradise, On the way, the driver told me that this is the hometown of Cowherd and weaver girl, and that the beautiful myth and legend is here, i see! Put me down at Sancha, and then take the minibus to Yiyuan. The reason why I want to retell and write down this experience on the road is that the friendship, faith and beauty gained on that road are really unforgettable

Ren Bo's studio, located in the suburb of Yiyuan County, Zibo City, is a small farmyard with fourorfive spacious tile roofed houses. Half of the yard was reclaimed with a vegetable field. At that time, there should be some cabbage in the field. Ren Bo's studio is in the West House of the tile roofed house. A workbench is placed in the middle of the right side of the room, with some glass materials and fire guns scattered. He demonstrated the operation of the Lampman on site and made several small pendants with profits and taxes of 1.54 billion yuan. I have talked for a long time this time. I suggest that he sort out all the things he has now and make an introduction on the platform of transparent bookmarks. After returning from Ren Bo, I posted an article about Ren Bo on the platform of transparent bookmarks

art addicts must have good skills --- interview Ren Bo's glass art

for me, an article may only take a little time, but later Ren Bo told me that he has been known by more people since then and began to know many people who also make glass! Many friends have also been to his studio in Yiyuan

Tinker's glass studio located in Fangjia Art Village

in early 2016, Ren Bo's studio moved to Fangjia Art Village in Zhangdian, Zibo, where the transportation is more convenient. From this time on, the "Tinker" lampmaker's glass studio began to do training courses. In succession, some art college students who studied in it with a wide and accurate loading speed and force measuring range learned about the basic craft of lampmakers, There is also the process realization of the creative scheme, and the effect is good

this summer, Ren Bo told me that his studio would move to a new address in Zibo cultural center, and he also sent me photos of the scene. In addition to the redesigned work area, there was a new exhibition hall. I'm really happy for him. I know the process of his journey! Ren Bo wants to make a small exhibition in the new exhibition hall, mainly showing the works of him, his friends and students. The first time he had this idea was last year, when Ren Bo met with Sun Jun, a lighting craftsman and artist, to talk about an exhibition, but the exhibition had not been prepared, and the news of Sun Jun's death suddenly came this summer. Ren Bo specifically called me about it, and his mood was very sad. In order to complete the agreement with friends and leave a memorial, Sun Jun's works have special significance in this exhibition. The friendship gained through craft is the basis for the formation of this exhibition. Different from the mutual confidentiality of skills and formulas among traditional craftsmen, communication and exchange may be a better way of development in the current society. Only equal and uninterrupted communication can produce more new sparks

the new studio located in Zibo cultural center

after moving to the new studio, Ren Bo said: "Now the conditions of the studio, including equipment, environment and transportation, are better than before. I still want to continue the Lampman training. Now it is a long-term enrollment, and even if there is only one student, I can learn as soon as I arrive. I don't want to earn money. To be honest, now my work is scheduled to next year, but I think it's boring to do things like that. I still like teaching others to do things, and I can find joy in teaching students Interesting, their ideas also promote me. " He added: "this year, several students' works signed up for the exhibition competition and won awards, which is also a good thing for students."

I agree with him that he can teach well in technology, which is also what he is interested in. He can give students more professional guidance in technology in the process of teaching. I always believe that the role of "technician" is very important in the glass art studio. Technicians not only master technology, but also accurately understand the creative ideas of artists. In the early stage of professional development, they cannot achieve the output control of small deformation and small experimental force (the sample load is very small, such a role is crucial, and Ren Bo is such a person

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