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The effect evaluation method of enterprise application of color management system

with the continuous updating of various technologies, the method of color management is also constantly improving. If we strictly judge the methods used in these color management and the final effect achieved, we should explore the following aspects:

1. color and level control during file input

fewer and fewer people can really grasp the key points of image input (such as the control of high light and dark tone local calibration, etc.). Therefore, high-end digital cameras can not be fully used in the printing field. Flat panel scanners have also been playing a supporting role in the discontinued electric extension

2. Image processing after obtaining image information

how to unify the color space of image information from different places and with different input methods, that is, how to standardize the image, how to remove the background color of the image well, and how to control the sharpness ratio, these problems are often ignored, so the color of the image is not managed at all. We should pay attention to this when carrying out color management

3. the problem of color change after files are processed by different software

the final image effect of files processed in different software or in different versions of the same software is different. We need to solve the problem of color space unification, so as to achieve the unification of color space of different pages and different files

4. Color management corresponding to each other in combination with printing in the early stage of printing

most of the existing color adjustments are carried out during printing for proofing and sample chasing, which completely depends on the large color adjustment range of the printing machine to realize the unity of relative colors. However, in the actual production, it is often not able to meet the requirements of users every time. If the color space of the image is quite different or the ability of the printing machine can not meet the actual requirements, there is also the situation that multiple printing machines with more advanced technology need to print a print at the same time, so the color of the print is difficult to be guaranteed. If we want to realize the process standardization, it is a more effective method to manage the color of the printing machine before the PS version is released

5. Accuracy, consistency and stability of digital proofing and printing

at present, the effect of digital proofing in solving the color problem of the whole printing process is still far from enough. Although it has been popularized for many years, and there is also the automation process of pressure testing machine, many enterprises are using it, but how many enterprises really use it well or how much effect it brings to production, Perhaps only the enterprise itself knows best. In fact, there are still many things worth discussing about the digital proofing system, so as to improve the competitiveness of the industry, such as the consistency between proofing color and printed matter, color difference examples, gray balance processing, black version processing, spot color processing, stability of the proofing system itself, the unity of two similar nano printers, the authenticity and security of dot proofing, etc

6. testing methods for Proofs and prints

to complete the color management of the printing process well, a color management system with powerful automatic functions and high quality is needed to serve the whole process. After we have completed the color management, we should finally use the detection system to verify the color consistency, but it must also be based on the premise of accuracy, safety, convenience and rapidity

to sum up, in the process of "RGB file color management CMYK file color management color proofing printer color management printing ink optimization management spot proofing after rip proofing and printing color detection", a series of color management systems throughout the whole printing process are needed to solve the problems encountered in production

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