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The network center of Jinan power supply company is running weishang GPS clock server

the GPS clock server device adopts a full modular structure design, and its input, output, power supply, etc. in China's plastic machinery market, the scratches on the sheath surface are often caused by the twists and turns of the cable core, which can be flexibly configured, and has a variety of modules and boards to choose from (customized services can be provided for special needs), The type and quantity of timing signals can be flexibly selected and configured according to needs. The device has standard RS232, rs422/485, pulse, IRIG-B, dcf77, PTP, ntp/sntp protocol time output and other interface forms

gps clock server device features

1 special embedded system, no hard disk and fan design, shockproof design, stable and reliable system

2 the chassis has strong anti-interference ability after antimagnetic treatment

3 high quality industrial components, high-level electrical design and high-density integrated circuit structure make the device have the performance of electrical isolation and electromagnetic shielding. The whole machine has no adjustable devices, which improves the anti-interference performance and reliability guarantee of the device

4 adopt dual power supply redundancy power supply, and select high-performance, wide range switching power supply, which works stably and reliably. The power supply of the device should be checked and adaptive by professionals. (it is configured according to the order technical agreement, and the default is single power supply.)

5 gps/Beidou receiving antenna focuses on lightning protection design, stability design and anti-interference design. It has high signal receiving reliability and is not limited by regional conditions and environment

6 the device has the ability of self recovery to eliminate the cause of failure, and can automatically resume normal operation in case of device program error caused by interference

7 the device provides a programmable TTL pulse signal (1pps/1ppm/1pph) for the accuracy index test of the clock

8 the device has power interruption alarm, gps/Beidou out of step alarm, external B-code input (backup time reference) disappearance alarm, multi-channel alarm (relay empty contact) signal output

9 the front panel of the device is equipped with power indicator, second pulse indicator, gps/Beidou signal input lamp, B-code signal input lamp, gps/Beidou signal input abnormal lamp, B-code signal input abnormal lamp and various working status indicators, which is convenient for the daily patrol of the operation personnel on duty

10 the device adopts a fully modular plug and play structure design, supports hot plug of boards, has flexible configuration and convenient maintenance, which provides convenience for the access of other signal reference sources (Galileo satellite signal, DCLS signal of upstream ground link, PTP, NTP time reference signal, etc.) in the future, and also provides convenience for the addition of time synchronization ports during the reconstruction and expansion of field networks in the future

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