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From March 23 to 26, the 15th China International Door Industry Exhibition was grandly opened in Beijing, and San Fano's charm came on stage. Tang Yong, the marketing director of Foshan San Fano door industry Co., Ltd., accepted the exclusive interview with reporters from China aluminum doors and windows and home hotline

from March 23 to 26, 2016, the 15th China International Door Industry Exhibition was grandly opened in Beijing, with the charm of San Francisco doors and windows on the stage. Tang Yong, marketing director of Foshan San fanuo door industry Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with reporters from China aluminum doors and windows and home hotline that San fanuo brought the latest style of product sunshine room to the exhibition, and the new product attracted the appreciation of many new and old customers

on site interview guests: Tang Yong, marketing director of Foshan San fanuo door industry Co., Ltd.

president Tang: this exhibition in Beijing is the first battle of San Antonio's North expansion strategy, and we have also made careful preparations. This exhibition has some main products, such as European style Roman sunshine room series and Milan series, which not only inherit the refinement of European style ancient buildings, but also inherit the magnificent style, and also reflect the craftsman spirit of San Antonio people. The arc drilling series swing door is also the highlight of this exhibition. The high-end atmospheric hydraulic buffer damping hinge and adjustable lock box have been highly praised by many visitors. This exhibition is mainly to use the exhibition platform to show our brand image and the strength of the company, build an exchange platform with customers from all over the world, and find suitable partners. The exhibition can effectively enhance the brand image of the company, and improve the popularity and market competitiveness of products

aluminum doors and windows in China, home hotline: as consumers tend to be younger, what innovative breakthroughs has San Francisco made in product design

President Tang: as we all know, the current consumption theme has changed. The post-80s and post-90s consumers are obviously younger. This has brought us new business opportunities and challenges. The R & D Department of San Fano doors and windows has carefully matched the product appearance design, color matching, product function and hardware configuration according to the preferences of new consumers, so as to meet more personalized needs. For example, the Milan series is representative. The appearance of the products is magnificent and modern. The metallic color fluorocarbon Apple gold and European style Fraxinus mandshurica have been tolerated and recognized by the post-80s and post-90s

aluminum doors and windows in China, home hotline: now many enterprises are very concerned about brand building, so what measures does San Francisco have in this regard

president Tang: 2016 will be the key year for the implementation and upgrading of San Fano's brand strategy, mainly from three aspects: first, in terms of brand construction, increase support for terminal franchise stores and create new terminal franchise stores. Strengthen brand publicity, and build a new website and internet promotion platform of San Francisco this year. Accelerate the pace of cooperation with magazine media, and create a high-end and atmospheric San Francisco brand image. Second, in terms of product quality, we should fully introduce the quality management concept of product production, establish a quality assurance system independent of production management, strengthen quality inspection and quality supervision in the process of product realization, improve product quality and win with quality. Third, in terms of after-sales service, we should comprehensively establish a sales service tracking system in 2016. Improving high-quality after-sales service is also an advertisement, which is the key link to win the reputation for the company. The market law proves that the accumulation of reputation largely comes from after-sales service. Only if we have good after-sales service and have greater advantages over our competitors, our franchisees and dealers will cooperate with us for a long time, and the brand will become stronger and stronger, Bigger and bigger

aluminum doors and windows in China, home hotline: how will San Marino work in the next 2016

president Tang: in the past 2015, due to the impact of the general environment, the whole urban area of home building materials was relatively depressed. San Francisco was not greatly affected and continued to grow. In this regard, we are very confident in the market in 2016. This year, we plan to recruit 60 new franchise stores, and the total number of franchise stores will reach the goal of 400. Internally, we should strengthen the construction of the production management team, optimize the product portfolio, develop new products suitable for the market, provide high-quality products and perfect after-sales services, externally strengthen brand promotion, enhance brand awareness and influence, increase support for franchisees, implement one-to-one assistance policies, enhance the competitiveness and profitability of terminal brands, and improve market share





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