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­ The Beijing Municipal Commission of education yesterday issued the notice of the Beijing Municipal Commission of education on strengthening the management of indoor decoration and renovation of primary and secondary schools, which will be implemented from March 5. In view of the current situation of air quality and environmental protection in school classrooms in the city, the notice puts forward clear requirements for indoor decoration in primary and secondary schools. In the future, the interior decoration of the classroom will be tested by the school, the construction unit and the supervision unit. At the same time, for the existing “ Emphasize beauty and light environmental protection ” According to the current situation, furniture such as student lockers will not be made on site in the future

­ The air quality and prevention and control of primary and secondary schools in Beijing has always been a hot topic of public discussion. This time, the Municipal Education Commission issued a document requiring the entrusting unit to sign a testing contract with the testing unit. At the same time, schools, construction units and supervision units should participate in the testing throughout the process. All links of classroom decoration, such as project warehousing and design, bidding contract, decoration material purchase and admission and completion acceptance, will be strictly controlled. At the same time, the inspection contract and inspection report will be included in the project archives management and filed with the District Education Commission. Items that fail to pass the indoor air quality inspection after decoration shall not pass the acceptance. Schools that exceed the standard shall be rectified immediately and treated according to relevant specifications

­ According to the notice, during the warehousing and design stages of the project, it should be in accordance with “ Safe and environmental protection, simple and practical, perfect function ” It is not allowed to make furniture such as student lockers on site, and special classrooms such as music classrooms, dance classrooms, calligraphy classrooms and multi-function halls. On the premise of meeting the use function, it is forbidden to put an end to complex and excessive decoration; In the bidding stage, the District Education Commission is required to do a good job “ Pre review and post filing ” Management

­ At the stage of decoration material procurement and entry inspection, the notice emphasizes that qualified and reputable construction and supervision units should be selected for paint, coating and adhesive materials to prevent the use of fake and inferior materials in construction. Strictly implement the regulations on entry registration and acceptance, witness inspection, sampling and re inspection of raw materials entering the site, make relevant records and records, check the responsibility in case of problems, and truly play the role of on-site supervision; In the decoration completion acceptance stage, the notice clearly stipulates that the completion acceptance must be organized in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, and can be put into use only after passing the acceptance. According to relevant national specifications and standards, a third-party testing institution with CMA certification filed by the national quality supervision department shall be selected for indoor air quality testing, and witness testing shall be adopted. That is, the construction unit shall complete the sampling and inspection under the witness of the witness (the person who has the witness card, usually the supervisor)

­ The notice also requires that attention be paid to the overall impact of the superposition of indoor decoration and new furniture on indoor air quality, and the relationship between the two should be scientifically coordinated to prevent the phenomenon that a single test is qualified and the indoor air quality test is unqualified after the superposition of the two

­ In addition, the notice also clarifies the attribution of responsibility. The District Education Commission bears the management responsibility, the implementation subject bears the main responsibility, and the implementation subject legal person is the first responsible person. When necessary, the District Education Commission should sign a letter of commitment to fulfill the responsibility of the decoration and reconstruction project with the implementation subject legal person. Those who violate laws and regulations shall be seriously investigated for responsibility according to law and regulations. (reporter Lei ruotong)





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