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In order to enhance the cohesion of the company's team, promote the construction of corporate culture, and let employees truly feel the warmth of the company's big family, at noon on September 24, Cohen appliance landing Committee held a unique birthday party for the birthday employees in August and September, with warm and loving arrangements on site

this collective birthday party was held in the conference hall of the executive building of Cohen electric appliance. Yu Feng, chairman of Cohen, personally came to the scene to send warm greetings to the birthday stars, "I hope Cohen is not only a platform for everyone to work, but also a beautiful place where everyone can feel happy and share full. Every day you work in Cohen, you can really feel the same family affection and warmth as home."

the company prepared birthday cakes, paper birthday crowns and birthday cards for employees. The employees sang birthday songs, blew candles, cut cakes and interacted happily together. Singing bursts, laughing pieces, each young smiling face heartily bloom. The birthday party poured the company's cordial care for employees, and the sincere care spread all over every corner of the conference room, warming every Coen person. In the interactive game, the team members of each group were united, and the eight immortals crossed the sea, showing their magic powers. They not only showed their personal intelligence, but also gave full play to the spirit of teamwork, so that the game could be successfully completed. There were a lot of jokes in the game, and there was constant applause. The birthday party ushered in one climax after another

"birthdays are celebrated every year, and so many people have never participated in birthday activities. This activity is very meaningful, and we really feel the warmth of a big family. We are very happy to work in such a company, and we will make more contributions to the development of the company." Workshop sheet metal worker Xiao Wang shared

the birthday party was warm and warm, and president Yu personally presented a cake for everyone. Everyone is tasting the sweet cake, sharing the joy of birthday and feeling the warmth of family. The successful holding of this birthday party not only embodies the cordial care of the company's leaders, but also highlights Cohen's good corporate cultural atmosphere and the extraordinary centripetal force of employees




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