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The process diversification of aluminum guardrail manufacturers editor: Ronggao door

the biggest feature of aluminum guardrail manufacturers producing aluminum alloy products is that there is no welding, and the accessories developed by aluminum alloy are perfectly combined with pipes to achieve beauty, firmness and applicability. Aluminum alloy balcony guardrail Technology: it is assembled by non welding connection and horizontal and vertical insertion. Compared with the traditional iron guardrail, the installation is faster and the appearance is more beautiful

the processing technology of aluminum guardrail is diverse and versatile. Aluminum alloys are divided into antirust aluminum, hard aluminum, super hard aluminum and other types. Each type has its own scope of use and has its own code for users to choose. Of course, most of the aluminum materials we use for decoration are antirust aluminum, and the aluminum guardrails made of it are affordable. Aluminum guardrail processing technology is more convenient, and using a processing technology can produce the same parts in large quantities, which also reduces the production cost of aluminum alloy handrail. Its material characteristics are light, easy to process, and it does not have a maximum stress range like carbon fiber in terms of strength

aluminum guardrail is one of the beautification and protective facilities at the outer edge of the balcony. It is widely used and diverse in modern multi-storey buildings. The balcony is the extension of the interior of the building. It is a place for residents to breathe fresh air, dry clothes and place potted plants. The balcony railing design needs to give consideration to the principles of practicality and aesthetics. If the balcony railings are well arranged, the air balcony can also become a pleasant small garden, so that people can enjoy the most lovely colors in nature and breathe fresh and floral air without leaving home

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