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Doors and windows are divided into flat doors and windows and sliding doors and windows. The side hung doors and windows have the characteristics of good sealing, and the sliding doors and windows have the characteristics of occupying less space, which can be selected according to needs and hobbies. Now no matter what kind of door and window installation is a topic of concern to users, telescopic doors are no exception. In fact, the installation of doors and windows is not as difficult as you think. As long as you learn the installation steps of electric doors and windows, I believe that the installation of doors and windows is also very simple for you. Today we need to understand the installation steps and acceptance precautions of electric doors and windows

installation steps and precautions of electric door

1. Determine the position of the indoor control box, that is, the position of the device that operates the telescopic door switch

2. Lead the 220V power supply to the lower end of the control box. It is best to bring another grounding wire with a thickness of 1.37, and there is a leakage protection device, and PVC is used for concealed laying

3. Reserve ¢ 32mm PVC pipes, from the lower end of the control box to the ground level, through the wall to the outside, to 0.1-0.15 meters below the ground level at the approximate position of the track, for the outdoor lines of the expansion door to enter the room in the future

4. According to the length of the door opening in the above table, the clearance in the width of the door opening is not less than 0.75-0.8m, the clearance in the height is not less than +0.25m for ordinary doors, and +0.1m for luxury doors; An access hole with a width of 0.4m and a height of 0.6m is reserved at the middle and upper end of the inner side of the end of the door opening. If conditions permit, the total length of the door opening can be extended by another 0.2-0.3m. In this way, the access hole can be changed into a small door to facilitate the maintenance of the electrical circuit of the telescopic door in the future

5. Before laying the track, in addition to leaving a width of about 0.8-0.9 meters, make the ground on both sides first; After 2-3 days (winter 5-7 days), while laying the track, civil engineering should cooperate to make the ground at the track. Pay attention to that during the laying of the track, the road surface is forbidden to pass, so as to avoid bending the track

6. Install the telescopic door, connect the line, and debug the switch control box

the following points should be paid attention to in the acceptance of the electric door after installation:

1 When installing electric doors and windows, do not reserve door seams

if the gap between electric doors is large, sty_ 12m is probably caused by inaccurate planing during installation or the fact that the doors and windows are not perpendicular to the ground. The electric door and window leaves can be removed and re planed, and the bottom should be aligned with the inner gasket

2. Appearance should be beautiful:

first, check whether the surface of doors and windows is smooth, bright, bubbles, wrinkles and other phenomena. The appearance of electric doors is also very important

3. The base material of electric doors and windows:

the material selection of doors and windows should also be strict. If the material selection is improper, it will cause damage to the quality of doors and windows. It is recommended that users: first fix the base on the keel of the window base, and then nail the lines. The door pocket should be made of materials into a frame, planed and straightened, then assembled and installed on the wall, and then cover the base and finish

4. When installing the lock of the electric door leaf, both sides should be consistent

if the door lock is not installed properly, it will cause the door leaf to switch uneasily. Experts suggest that users should remove the lock tongue, repair the tongue groove with tools, adjust the position of the door lock tongue, and then reinstall it. In a word, the knowledge points that need to be accepted after the installation of electric doors are the above. I hope to give some reference help to users who have electric doors at home. In addition, I remind you that you must carefully check the use of door and window acceptance to avoid some problems in the future

editor's summary: the above information is about the installation steps and acceptance precautions of electric doors and windows, and I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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