Three principles for small house decoration

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The house is not about size, but about creating a warm atmosphere and a personalized life that belongs to you alone. For young families and single people, they usually choose small houses as the transition. However, affected by the area and floor height, there are still some principles to be observed in the design and decoration of small houses

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now it is more popular in the fashion circle, messy and beautiful, and it seems that it is not suitable in small houses. Originally, the space is limited. If you create a lot of bright spots, you will make the small family appear more stingy and lack a sense of integrity. The right way to do this is first of all in the use of color. It is best to use bright colors, or plain colors. Colors that are too heavy or too jumping will make the space smaller. In addition, the ceiling should be done less, simply or not. Simply do some simple stone blind lines. If you want to use local ceilings to distinguish functional spaces, don't “ Up &rdquo& ldquo; Down ” Echo. For the ground, all dry areas can use only one material

whether for a young family or a single family, various functions of the family still need to be possessed. For example, watching TV, reading, eating and fitness all need their own space. Having space doesn't mean “ Split ” Space, small house type should try not to use hard partition, namely wall, and it is good to distinguish space through some soft decoration. For example, use a bead curtain to distinguish the living room from the dining room, or create a small balcony reading area, and use a large bookcase to distinguish the bedroom from the living room &hellip& hellip;

for Xi “ Soft ” Don't love “ Hard ” The choice of furniture should also be small and light, otherwise the room will be full and feel very depressed. And some movable and changeable furniture will be more suitable. The sofa bed can be used as both a bed and a sofa, and a part of the dining table can be put away &hellip& hellip; In terms of decoration style, we should be simple and modern, minimize the amount of decoration work, and use more accessories for decoration

yes “ Add ” Yes “ Minus ” Will be warm and practical, warm home, comfortable home, small family members make more intimate. However, the limitation of space needs to learn to add and subtract, and the effect will be better. The overall decoration should be simple to create a sense of integrity, but for the use of lighting, we should spend more time, use lighting to create the effect of the room, and form different visual spaces, such as spotlights, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, etc., which can create a different atmosphere

if you seldom cook, the kitchen facilities can be simpler. The open kitchen can use the small bar to make the breakfast area or reading area, or it can be the workbench of one of the two people in the world. It is worth noting that small houses also pay attention to the quality of life, especially modern families have higher requirements for wiring. Network cables and circuits should be considered more carefully, and a warm home will be more practical and scientific




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