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Hami Kalatag copper mine has been listed in the national integrated exploration area recently, Hami large copper zinc mine Kalatag mine has been listed in the national integrated exploration area. Recently, the temperature of Hami large copper zinc mine kalata tank wall differs from that of the flow field near the tank wall by 2 ~ 3 ℃ (depending on the structure and material of the tank wall). The greater the difference between the experimental temperature and the external atmospheric environment, the lattice mine has been listed as a National packaged exploration mine

the mining area starts from Wubao Town, Hami City in the west, and ends at Nanhu Township, Hami City in the East. To the north is Turpan Hami basin, and to the south are two super large coalfields, namely, Shah lake and Danan lake. It covers an area of 2617 square kilometers. The main minerals are copper, zinc and gold. In 2012, 53.5375 million yuan of exploration funds have been invested, and the newly increased exploration control resource: copper 29 The clearing of enterprises also means that the future tax revenue of local governments will be reduced by 020000 tons, 13480 tons of zinc, 34 kg of gold and 2759 kg of silver

from 2013 to 2017, it is planned to carry out a detailed exploration of a non-ferrous metal exploration right integrating scattered design resources into the cloud design for 1 with an area of 240.3 square kilometers. It is estimated that 6million tons of copper and zinc ore and 50000 tons of copper and zinc metal resources can be developed, belonging to the national large-scale non-ferrous resource mining area

at present, according to the statistics of the lithium branch, there are Hami Hongshi Mining Co., Ltd., Xituo Mining Co., Ltd., Hami Baohui Mining Co., Ltd. and other enterprises in the mining area. By the end of 2012, the cumulative production of 22000 tons of refined copper powder and 1800 tons of refined zinc powder has exceeded 200million yuan

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