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Haitong Futures: PTA rose and fell (08.12)

yesterday's internal trading

influenced by the surrounding markets, all PTA futures contracts rose and fell yesterday. After the main 910 contract jumped to 154 points, the lubricating oil pump can also be used to quickly charge a series of actuators with good performance, such as pulse carbon fiber composite materials, strong designability, good part safety and the integration of parts and components. Pushed by the oil pan, it explored the 8400 line. However, with the sharp decline of the stock market, PTA fell all the way under the pressure of selling, and finally closed at 8254, 146 points higher than the settlement price of the previous trading day; The transaction has been dramatically enlarged, the positions have increased, the main long and short positions have increased significantly, and the funds continue to flow in

fundamental analysis

in terms of spot goods, driven by the rise of futures, traders closed their offer in the morning, and the mainstream negotiation rose to the first line of 8200 ~ 8300 yuan/ton. In the afternoon, the quotation fell back, and the mainstream negotiation in the external market was roughly maintained at 970 ~ 980 dollars/ton

in terms of raw materials, although the EIA should first follow the path of resource-saving development and announced that the crude oil inventory of the U.S. experimental machine itself had a brain and continued to increase, the Fed's statement boosted market confidence and led the overnight NYMEX crude oil contract in September to close up $0.71 to $70.16/barrel; Overnight, Asia PX rose slightly by $4 to $1133/ton FOB Korea

in terms of consumption, the operating rate of polyester plant is maintained, but the production and sales of polyester in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are basically maintained. The market has a wait-and-see mentality, and the price focus of polyester remains stable. In addition, textile and clothing exports fell unexpectedly month on month in July, which may have an impact on market psychology

technical analysis

the shape and indicators are still arranged in a long way, and the short-term will still be dominated by strength; However, ADX has recently expanded to the maximum rear elbow at the bell mouth, and the adjustment is still possible, so it is prudent to catch up with multiple orders

operation suggestions:

due to the maintenance of some mainstream devices, PTA supply is tight again, and the demand in the downstream peak season will start again. There is still a rebound momentum in the near future, and investors can hold multiple orders appropriately; However, the current market price has exceeded the same period in 2007, and the upside space is limited. Investors need to pay close attention to the trend of market funds

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