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Haitong Futures: crude oil was weak, PTA rose and fell

affected by the overnight sharp rise in crude oil, the main PTA 809 contract rose and fell in the morning, and continued to increase its position slightly. After opening low at 9192 in the morning, it quickly rose to the highest point of 9248 in the session. Later, due to the pressure of selling, it fell to the front line of 9170, and closed at 9170, up 44 points compared with the settlement of the previous trading day. 47640 transactions, 125760 positions and 1686 positions were increased

in terms of spot, although the overnight crude oil rose sharply by $4.58, PX did not follow the trend of crude oil. Asian FOB South Korea (LC at sight) fell sharply by $58 to $1380/ton, and buyers of spot demand waited and waited

pta spot market is still weak, differences are still obvious, and there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. Some polyester factories have requirements for covering positions at low prices. The mainstream negotiation of internal high-quality spot goods is still stable in yuan cash shipboard, and traders have made inquiries recently; In terms of its production scope, which can also realize the functions of automatic data saving, processing, printing and dynamic playback of experimental process, the mainstream negotiation and transaction of the general cargo spot of the outer plate is in USD/ton, the market atmosphere is poor, and the buying is rare

meg: the market atmosphere in East China is declining. Large order negotiation is about 7700 yuan/ton, and the buyer's intention is lower than 7650 yuan/ton, small unit/ton; The external import spot market is still declining slightly. The buyer's ship inquiry is about 970 US dollars/ton, and the mainstream negotiation level is US dollars/ton

bicycle cushion becoz: more environmentally friendly? In terms of polyester with less petrochemical materials, the overall market of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester still maintains a weak pattern, the prices of FDY and POY of individual factories in some regions are still reduced, the prices of DTY are temporarily stable, and the actual transaction discounts are still common; Semi gloss FDY in some mainstream factories is reduced by 100 ~ 200 yuan/ton

due to the sharp decline of PX, the supporting factors of PTA cost are weak, and there is no bright spot in downstream and terminal demand. It is expected that PTA will still maintain a low-level and weak shock consolidation pattern in the afternoon, which does not rule out the possibility of continuing downward. In terms of operation, long-term wait-and-see, short single day operation, breaking 9230 stop loss

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