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Haitian demonstrated the all electric plastic machine at the Western Plastics Exhibition

Anaheim, California, USA-- At the plastecwest held in Anaheim, California from February 11 to 13, absolute Haitian Corp. demonstrated and operated an electric injection molding machine of the zhafir venusii series, which was only limited to scientific research, while its sister company absolute robotinc The company uses a supporting x-650v pneumatic rotary manipulator

this upgraded 101 ton plastic machine produces a non reopened polypropylene medical tube, which uses vital medinc. of pocasset, Massachusetts, USA Made of moulds of the company. Washi, Pennsylvania, attracted a batch of polylactic acid product manufacturers such as bikecheng and Leiguan to settle in ngton PE, which may be caused by the insufficient number of supports. NN plastic C. supplied PP, and universal dynamics Inc. of Virginia assisted in the development of its autoload Jr series material conveying system

venusii series has a maximum clamping force of 618 tons. The standard configuration of the models on display at the Western plastics exhibition includes software that can support up to three devices, an automatic mechanical serial peripheral interface, a bimetal barrel and a standard 460 volt input power. Options include input/output devices and external devices to transmit signals for scientific molding applications

the second generation models mainly focused on the 20% tariff line have also been launched. Haitian tons venusii/p can mold thin-wall packaging and multi cavity high-precision components

absolute Haitian, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, was founded in 2006. It is the equipment sales and service provider of Ningbo Haitian International Holdings Co., Ltd. in the United States and Canada. Absolute Haitian has technology centers in Parma, Ohio and Batavia, Illinois

absolute's owners Glenn frohring and Nate Smith established absolute robot in September last year to provide the North American market with the economic machine series produced by Ningbo Weili Robot Technology Co., Ltd. in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province

although there are no specific examples, absolute robot said that the cost of the x-650v is lower than that of other similar rotary manipulators, with reliable performance and diverse functions

Haitian said that the company will soon build a new plant covering 1.29 million square feet in Chunxiao near Ningbo to produce all electric injection molding machines. It is estimated that the annual production capacity of the plant is about 10000 sets

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