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Liaoning Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd. took its latest products to the South China Printing Exhibition. Han's Guanhua is located at the Bank of the Daliao River and the steel factory in the Bohai Sea. It is registered in Liaoning (Yingkou) coastal industry base. It is a well-known R & D and manufacturing offset press base in China, starting from the development and production of the first small offset press in China, With a history of producing and selling offset printing machines for 33 years, it is a leading enterprise in the domestic offset printing machine industry. The total output and sales of offset printing machines rank first in the country. The comprehensive benefit index ranks first in the industry. Its products are exported to most countries and regions such as Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, Russia, etc. its main products are well-known brand products recognized in the industry. Its trademark is a famous trademark of Liaoning Province. The enterprise is a leading enterprise in Liaoning Province in science and technology

gh664d large four-way four-color business printing machine

performance features:

1. Solid cast iron wallboard (60mm thick) ensures that the overall structure of the machine is strong, rigid, solid and durable

2. It adopts high-precision helical gear transmission and is equipped with positive pressure circulating lubrication device, which makes the printing operation more stable, ensures the printing quality, and has low wear and long service life

3. PLC programmable control system is adopted for electric control, each unit is controlled independently, multiple units are transmitted through network, there are few fault points, which is stable and reliable, representing the overall development trend of printing machine electric control

4. Double diameter impression cylinder and double diameter paper transfer cylinder make the printing paper range wider and the printing speed faster

5. Variable frequency speed regulation, maximum printing speed up to 13000 sheets/small 12 which is the best hydraulic universal testing machine in Jinan? The problem is that they all feel that their own good times

6. The rotary up swing paper feeding tooth row can make the paper handover more stable

7. Feida continuously conveys paper and crosses the bridge vacuum paper belt to realize high-speed printing and wide paper adaptability

8. The plate cylinder and transfer cylinder are equipped with roller pillow device to ensure that the plate pressure is constant without impact, and can print high-quality prints with clear points

9. Pneumatic clutch pressure, no mechanical impact, rapid and stable action

10. The automatic cooling and moistening system of the device, alcohol moistening, continuous water supply, and ink separability can increase by more than 30% compared with the same period last year, meeting the needs of different prints

11. The paper receiving adopts vacuum paper suction and air blowing to press the paper. The paper receiving is stable and regular

12. Equipped with man-machine interface to realize man-machine dialogue

13. Equipped with automatic version loading device, the version change is fast and convenient

14. In machine adjustment, the axial, circumferential and oblique positions of the printing plate can be automatically adjusted in the printing state. The axial adjustment amount is 1.5mm, the circumferential adjustment amount is 1mm, the oblique adjustment amount is 0.15mm, and the adjustment step is 0.01mm

15. Zoned ink supply can be adjusted separately without mutual influence. During printing, the ink volume can be adjusted at any time through the man-machine interface

16. The speed of the ink volume tracking host is automatically adjusted to ensure the stability of ink

17. The centering of the transmission gear is more accurate and reliable (expansion sleeve), which makes the gear transmission more accurate and ensures the reliability of printing accuracy

18. Imported bearings (SKF) are used for the operation of bottom row rollers to improve the accuracy of paper transfer and handover

19. The roller tooth pads are made of cemented carbide materials to ensure that the benchmark for paper handover is stable and reliable

20. Add oil injection point to the water source roller to prevent the water source roller from locking

21. High quality electronic powder spraying has become a standard configuration, which not only improves the printing quality (the powder is more evenly distributed on the printed product, and the powder amount is more reasonable), but also saves the powder amount and reduces the dust; The electronic dusting device is more user-friendly in use. The range and time of dusting can be adjusted according to the size of the paper through the touch screen

22. The appearance design has been improved (from the user's point of view, the position and form of the amplitude reducing hand have been adjusted), which not only makes it impossible to recover the elastic energy absorbed by the test piece during the return journey, but also practical

technical parameters

printing speed 260013000 (sheets/hour)

maximum paper size 660480 (mm)

minimum paper size 305230 (mm)

paper thickness 0.04 0.6 (mm)

maximum printing area 650470 (mm)

paper loading height 900 (mm)

paper loading height 900 (mm)

printing plate size 670560 0.3 (mm)

number of ink rollers 19

number of water rollers 4

number of plate rollers 5 (4 ink rollers and 1 water roller depend on the plate)

plate moistening method alcohol plate moistening

power consumption 20kw

machine size 680031001900 (mm)

machine weight 15000kg

power supply three-phase ac380v/50hz

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