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On August, 2011, the 7th China (Shanghai) International Building Energy Conservation and new building materials exhibition, the 7th China (Shanghai) international indoor heating system, heat pump and ventilation equipment exhibition, and the 13th Shanghai International Villa supporting facilities Expo opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center

although it rained heavily on the opening day, there was still an endless stream of visitors. It is worth mentioning that this exhibition is not supported by many gorgeous beauties, but many industry experts and engineering technicians participate in it, which undoubtedly adds a lot of gold to this exhibition. It is found that a major feature of this exhibition is that professional voices can be heard everywhere. On the one hand, industry experts are giving detailed explanations to consultants, and on the other hand, technicians are making on-site demonstrations for visitors. In his government work report, Premier Li Keqiang further made it clear that "industrial interconnection +" has less copper smell and more specialties. How valuable it is in the context of today's seemingly prosperous industry

at this building energy conservation and new building materials exhibition, green and environmental protection products have become a trend. There are wooden houses with pure wood design, energy-saving and efficient lighting facilities, new energy-saving and environmental protection plates, and halogen-free and non-toxic flame retardants. There are all kinds of energy-saving and environmental protection products and new fire retardant materials. In front of the viewing platform, people come and go, and there are unlimited business opportunities; In the exhibition hall, people are talking and laughing, showing the style of the industry

during the visit, it was found that the new fire-retardant series launched by Liaoning Meilian composite materials Co., Ltd. was favored by the audience. The fire locking flame retardant forms a fire protection film at the same position to terminate the combustion process. Architectural and decorative wood treated with fire-retardant and exterior wall insulation materials such as benzene board/extruded board, curtain, cotton cloth, carpet, polyurethane cushion and even paper materials have good fire prevention effect. According to Mr. liuqibo, the technical founder of the company, the fire locking flame retardant is a new fire retardant material independently developed and produced by the company. As a water-based flame retardant, the product is more convenient to use, has strong penetration, and its flame retardant effect is significantly better than that of similar products in the industry. The fire locking flame retardant has successively passed the inspection of China National Fire Protection Building Materials Quality Supervision and inspection center and national fire protection electronic products quality supervision and inspection center. Note: the result of the second calculation method is often larger than that calculated by the rise and fall spectrum, and has received great attention from relevant national fire departments

in addition, the fire locking flame retardant is colorless and tasteless. It has been tested and certified by Beijing Center for Disease Control and prevention as non-toxic and non irritating. It has been tested and certified by SGS as halogen-free and heavy metal free. It conforms to the development trend of international halogen-free flame retardants. The product contains silicon, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, boron, iron and other elements commonly found in chemical fertilizers, without any pollution to the soil. It is a real green environmental protection product. More importantly, the fire-retardant materials treated with this flame retardant can greatly reduce the toxic smoke generated during the combustion process, and even achieve smoke-free, effectively reducing the risk of people suffocating from the smoke in the fire

Liaoning Meilian composite material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company integrating R & D, production and sales. Mr. liuqibo, vice chairman and chief engineer of the company, is a postdoctoral student in organic synthetic chemistry in the United States and the founder of the core technology for the industrialized production method and product application of modern poss nano molecular materials. His scientific and technological achievements such as polymer materials have passed the fire protection standard of the United States Navy for the first time. Many of the technical team led by Dr. Liu have obtained Ph.D. degrees in the United States in view of the current global pattern of plastic machinery, and have many years of experience in R & D, operation and management of chemical enterprises. They have unique advantages in scientific research

finally, Dr. Liu said: "at present, domestic flame retardants are still in the development stage, and really good products will be able to effectively occupy the market opportunities. We provide consumers with safe and thoughtful protection with professional products and first-class services."

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