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Wireless connection and PROFIBUS DP communication

nowadays, most innovative machine tools and equipment adopt modular technology, decentralized control technology and flexible technology. Their design and structure meet the user's use requirements, and are user-oriented and meet the needs of future development. For example, the control system with decentralized configuration simplifies the whole workflow, from scheme design, planning and design to performance test to commissioning and acceptance. At this time, PROFIBUS DP fieldbus system is 4. Filter: the basis and guarantee for quickly controlling each module of the filter without infarct instigator, which is also applicable to mobile applications or dynamic installation and debugging: transmitting data to moving, rotating or moving machine tools and equipment components. For a long time, these data transmission works have been completed by buses, collector rings, data gratings, pallet chains or high flexible cables. In the development of machine tool equipment, there have also been some "islands" of wireless communication that can be harmoniously integrated into the existing standard communication network. For example, Bluetooth Technology (ieee802.15.1) is a highly reliable and safe interface technology, which has been widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing as the industrial standard TORLON reg; Pai combines the outstanding performance of thermosetting polyimide and the advantages of melting processing of thermoplastic. It provides anti-interference data communication and short-range wireless networking

the Sai Bluetooth module developed by weidm ü ller company has reached the security protection level of IP 67, which is suitable for those workplaces where it is difficult to use bus cables due to work expansion or space conditions, or where cables will interfere with the movement of equipment components (Figure 1). One Sai Bluetooth switch can maintain communication with six slave stations by using wireless communication mode. In this process, as a member of PROFIBUS DP fieldbus system, it is also a slave in this fieldbus system. The working cycle time of each Sai module is less than 15ms, and the subset allows a wireless transmission distance of 50m

Figure 1 the new Sai Bluetooth module developed and produced by weidm ü ller company has many advantages in application, which is suitable for workplaces where it is difficult to use bus cables due to work expansion or space conditions; It is also suitable for use in sports equipment components, but the production capacity is mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end raw materials. An automation system manufacturer in Italy is looking for wireless communication solutions for its new assembly workstation. In the company's assembly workstation, different engines have different cylinder spacing and valve center spacing cylinder heads. The assembly and positioning clamping functions of different cylinder heads are also different. To this end, they designed a standard three coordinate assembly manipulator for assembling different types of engine cylinder heads. The complexity of technology leads to the complexity of wire connections between sensors, signal receivers and the inputs and outputs of control systems. The use of Sai Bluetooth module made them achieve their goal (Figure 2): reduce the number of cables between the fieldbus system and the electrical control cabinet, including those in the time-consuming and laborious fieldbus system, to a minimum

Figure 2 Italian machine tool manufacturing group company is satisfied with the use of wireless communication (4), ultrasonic inspection method of deformed aluminum alloy products gb/t6519- ⑵ 000 technology in its cylinder head assembly workstation and the Sai Bluetooth module of weidm ü ller company.

the Bluetooth module defines a general wireless interface open in the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band, and the effective communication distance is 100m. It uses the communication protocol based on the standard Bluetooth serial port technology protocol spp, which is implemented based on CANopen as wirelessopen. Weidm ü ller takes industrial wireless technology as a process technology and has developed feasible solutions in the application field; It is not an alternative technology to automation. Sai Bluetooth is used for wireless transmission of all data between Sai and customs in the assembly workstation. Using the Bluetooth Sai of weidm ü ller company, the system can build a small peer-to-peer network with 31 links and 6 slaves (Figure 3). A total of 186 Bluetooth modules can talk to each other in a system. The configuration and address assignment of these instruments and equipment can be completed through the customary GSD data in the Profibus DP network

Figure 3 Bluetooth master station appears as a key in Profibus fieldbus system. Bluetooth Sai can form 31 small peer-to-peer networks with one switch each and 6 Bluetooth slaves

the Bluetooth system is a solid and reliable system. Its correction mechanisms, such as adaptive frequency hopping technology, FEC forward error correction and ARQ automatic retransmission protocol, are the strengths of Bluetooth technology, which are included in the technical solution of weidm ü ller company. The Bluetooth module of weidm ü ller company integrates the transmitting antenna, which has isotropic characteristics. As Sai Bluetooth module is a non directional wireless communication instrument, its installation and fixation are very convenient, and it is not interfered by power failure and redundant signals. (end)

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