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Wire and cable tension tester has become an indispensable equipment for quality control.

wire and cable tension tester has become an indispensable equipment for quality control. Tekni plex can be seen in MEDTEC exhibition 1.

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electronic tension machine is an object. In fact, many foreign chemical enterprises with a long history have been using the equipment for several decades, including usability test, teaching research Quality control and other indispensable testing equipment. And with the continuous progress of science and technology, tensile testing machine is used to test the mechanical properties of materials, such as static load, tension, compression, bending, shear, peeling, etc. The demand of enterprises for test instruments and equipment is increasing from time to time, and the tensile testing machine industry has become a national strategic industry

among many experimental instruments, the tensile testing machine is relatively immature, and now the computer software that has become a pillar industry makes the tensile testing machine popular

moreover, advanced computer software enables the automatic completion of testing, data collection, analysis, speech output, data storage and recovery. The high-end tensile testing machine with advanced computer software provides higher productivity and accuracy

simple operation. The high-end tensile testing machine can automatically adjust the speed of the beam, and can also obtain the true value of the tension in the test process through the position sensor to measure the distance that the beam has moved. It is very simple to use, and is deeply loved by the majority of enterprises

moreover, some high-end tensile testing machines can also realize the automatic verification and calibration of the load unit when replacing the sensor, which no longer requires complex manual and mechanical correction, greatly shortening the working time and difficulty of the staff, and improving the accuracy of the output data

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