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Wire cutting opens a new channel for mold manufacturing

Abstract: if the professional students of usimicron company are invalid, please adjust the line of the limit switch (usually installed near the mobile test bench and the fixed beam) to the normal state to produce punch and die with high accuracy. The leader of the company decided: "we want to increase wire cutting and cancel grinding." The important step of adding specific oil began with their selection of Mitsubishi's slow moving wire cutting machine tool

Usimicron specializes in producing punch and die with high accuracy. The leader of the company decided: "we want to increase wire cutting and cancel grinding." This important step began with their selection of Mitsubishi's slow moving wire cutting machine tool

akaub perrenoud is the boss and leader of usimicron in France. The company was founded in 1990, specializing in the production of cutting tools and punching tools supporting single parts and replacement parts, especially punch and die with high precision. At present, there are five professional technicians in Besancon, eastern France, who produce precision parts for tool manufacturing. In addition to local small and medium-sized enterprises, there are also large enterprises and international enterprise groups in these orders. "We produce components and tiny parts for the telecommunications and medical technology industries, as well as auto parts suppliers," Mr. perrenoud said

minimum diameter and internal structure: spare parts for cutting and punching tools required for the production of medical technology or telecommunications technology industries require the highest precision

As a contract manufacturer, usimicron produces punch and die of cutting tools and punching tools according to drawings or samples. It is usually a spare part for the production of vulnerable parts. For punching tools, the precision of parts often determines the reliability of tools. As an interchangeable part, it must be accurately matched with other accessories of complex cutting tools and punching tools

we must overcome the "difficult problems" in materials.

as Mr. perrenoud said, the dimensional accuracy of orders is expected to be controlled within ± 2 microns. The geometry of the produced punch and die is usually very complex. In addition to the machining radius of less than one tenth of a millimeter, punch and die also use special steel and tungsten carbide materials. It involves some die inserts, such as punching and bending small plug connectors, or grooving SIM cards for telecommunications technology. Similarly, the requirements for the production of die inserts for cutting and punching tools required by the medical technology and automobile manufacturing industries are also constantly improving

"In the past, grinding was used to achieve the required workpiece shape. The disadvantages of grinding are long time-consuming, high labor intensity and high labor cost. If you want to operate two grinding machines, you need two experienced and trained professionals to operate them. They must be very careful to prepare for the grinding process, and carry out a series of settings for the machine tool, and then continuously monitor the grinding process." Mr perrenoud said. In Europe, the cost of production sites is high, and contract manufacturers have to compete with many companies with their own advantages, such as Indian and Asian companies. If you want to stand firm, you must choose a production process that is economical, accurate and reliable

unmanned operation makes wire cutting more economical

since a few years ago, Mr. perrenoud has begun to try wire cutting for some parts. For various reasons, he decided to choose Mitsubishi's slow moving wire cutting machine tool, and recently obtained technical consulting services from Delta machine tool, the exclusive agent of the French brand. He has always trusted the service and ability of delta employees. Therefore, he is also full of expectations for the help that the high-quality configuration of wire cutting machine tools can bring to processing, especially after recently purchasing mv1200r, which makes him believe it more

continuous operation: mv1200r wire cutting machine tool runs for 48 hours in usimicron company

mv1200r cooperates with DFS finishing motor, and the surface roughness can reach 0.1 micron. If you want to be white, hard and brittle, and ensure the dimensional accuracy of less than 2 microns in high-speed machining, you need to be equipped with modern linear motor technology and sleeve linear motor, and then use it together with linear grating ruler on all axes and fast optical data transmission system. Although wire cutting is still a time-consuming processing method, it significantly improves the competitiveness of usimicron. After several hours of preparation, the main investment projects of this machine tool are located in Nanjing, Shanghai and Chongqing, and there is no need for personnel to take care of it at all

perrenoud stressed that, "On the one hand, it reduces the personnel cost. On the other hand, due to the process reliability of the processing process, we can make full use of non production time - such as night shift time. In order to ensure unmanned processing for as long as possible, the experts of usimicron company decided to cut more punch and die from a piece of processing material. When processing dies with extremely complex geometry, due to the large number of die grooves and die holes, the processing time is long Up to 48 hours. "

in addition, since the machine tool has a reliable automatic threading function of electrode wire, mv1200r machine tool can run continuously without any problem during this period, without any operator. In addition, there are some small details that do not attract attention, such as using low-cost and uncoated brass wire to cut a large number of materials, which is more economical. The program and operation interface of the machine tool are easy to understand and conform to the engineering design, which enables the company's employees to go to bed in a short time. All these make the preparation procedure of mv1200r fast and easy to operate

Mr. perrenoud has been deeply impressed by the advantages of Mitsubishi Electric's slow moving wire cutting machine. He summarized the excellent experience in the use process: "It is of great significance for us to carry out wire cutting on Mitsubishi Electric, a reliable and economical machine tool. We can even compete with India and the Far East. With this mv1200r slow-moving wire cutting machine tool, we can complete customers' orders economically, flexibly and quickly. At the same time, we also enhance our competitive advantage, and thus have a better guarantee for our French business."

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