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Inner Mongolia wire and cable

Product Name: electromechanical equipment, wire and cable, hardware and building materials, industrial and mining appliances, complete sets of equipment

Enterprise Name: Hohhot Yongfeng electromechanical welding equipment Co., Ltd.

Contact: Wang Yongfeng contact:

location: No. 1, Zhongqiao building shop, Tongdao South Street, Hohhot City

Product Name: power cable, high voltage cable, shielded control cable, flame retardant, fire resistant Waterproof cable, high and low voltage cross-linking, power cable, rubber sheathed cable

Enterprise Name: Shijiazhuang Guanghua cable factory

contact: Zhang jinggen contact:

location: No. 7, Zhongqiao building, Tongdao South Street, Huimin District, Hohhot

Product Name: copper plastic wire, aluminum plastic wire, rubber aluminum wire, rubber copper wire, sheathed cable, colloidal wire Parallel line

Enterprise Name: Inner Mongolia jiateli Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

contact: Huang Yongxi contact:

location: No. 11, north side of the gate of the hydrological team, Tongdao North Street, Hohhot

Product Name: plastic copper wire, sheathed wire, video wire, shielded wire, grid wire, fire wire, waterproof cable, electric tools Generator, etc.

Enterprise Name: Shenyang qianbaitong wire and cable Co., Ltd.

Contact: Wang Dong contact:

location: No. 135, Tongdao South Street West, Huimin District, Hohhot

Product Name: hardware and electrical materials, labor protection tools, plumbing coatings, safety ropes, safety, waterproof materials, PPR water pipes Local daily necessities

Enterprise Name: Wanbao hardware paint wire and cable wholesale Department

contact: Zhao Ruguang contact:

location: No. 163, Tongdao South Street, Huimin District, Hohhot City

Product Name: rubber sheathed power from the beginning of loading in (60 ± 30) s internal cable, mining cable, high and low voltage power cable Laying wires of various models and specifications

Enterprise Name: Hohhot cable factory

contact: Li Wenbo contact:

location: Hohhot dead Hongsheng Industrial Park

Product Name: waterproof wire, welding wire, BV, BVR wire, copper sheath, rubber aluminum wire, rubber wire, antenna, wire, sound wire, buried wire City line

Enterprise Name: Shenyang new Liaohai cable manufacturer direct sales

contact: Wang Zhao contact:

location: Hohhot channel South Street (10 meters north of halal Beisi) West Road

Product Name: environmental protection wire and cable Fire resistant wires and cables, etc.

Enterprise Name: Inner Mongolia Xinta Cable Co., Ltd.

Contact: Yang Yan contact:

location: 30 meters back to the north of the middle of the South Street of Hohhot TV channel, Inner Mongolia

Product Name: cross linking, flame retardant, oxygen barrier, low smoke halogen-free, coal mining cable, control cable, home computing, RF power. Can the expected rate of return of 7% be achieved? How? "Game" is not over yet. Cables, shielded wires, branch cables Network cable

Enterprise Name: Tianjin Jincheng wire and cable Co., Ltd. 1

contact: Liu Peng contact:

location: southwest corner building of turntable in West Station Street, Hohhot (Daqing intersection)

Product Name: Cable

Enterprise Name: Jinzhou cable factory and Hohhot Sales Office

Contact: Liu Jianye contact:

location: opposite to the public security branch of Yuquan District, Hohhot City

Product Name: plastic wire, plastic cable, welding wire, black leather wire, flame retardant wire, plastic flexible wire, mining electric pair. Its toughening agents are mainly MBS and acrylate copolymer cables, power cables Control cable

Enterprise Name: Inner Mongolia mengshou special cable Co., Ltd.

contact: Han Fenglan contact:

location: Ruyi development South District, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia (shaermi Township, TUZUO banner)

Product Name: complete sets of low-voltage electrical equipment All kinds of high and low voltage wires and cables

Enterprise Name: Shanghai Delixi industrial group

contact: Jin Weicong contact:

location: No. 66, South Chafang North Street, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Product Name: processing and customizing all kinds of cables

Enterprise Name: Hohhot Tongzheng mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

contact: Wang Bingchen contact:

location: No. 202, Wenzhou electromechanical City, No. 7, Tongdao North Street

Product Name: Copper core fire-resistant PVC insulated cable, welding wire, rubber sheathed cable, aluminum core PVC insulated cable, aluminum plastic wire, waterproof wire, copper plastic wire, rubber copper wire

Enterprise Name: xiangyuanxin wire and cable hardware electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Contact: Chen Ruiqing contact:

location: No. 6, Yuquan apartment, daxan street, Hohhot

Product Name: copper plastic wire, aluminum plastic wire, aluminum rubber wire, copper rubber wire, flexible copper wire, power wire The air inside the rubber sheathed cable can be discharged after circulating for a period of time, sheath line and parallel line

Company Name: Xinteli cable manufacturing company Hohhot office

contact: Li Xiaoda contact:

location: No. 5, south of Fubang building, Tongdao North Street, Hohhot

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